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June 25 2008

Become A Dr. Horrible Fan on Facebook! Felicia Day is! And the page has shiny behind the scenes photos. Spotter's tip: BrewBunny.

Check the comments it's not really Joss on the VO, is the other Whedon, Jed Whedon.
There's a myspace page too with Felicia and Nathan (and me!) as friends
Wow! Talk about a teaser!!!
Does anyone know where I can find Dr. Horrible icons for LJ? And why is there no LJ community? Seems a shame, but I don't have the energy to run one.

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Yeah, someone should start a LJ community, I would totally join it just as I've become a Dr. Horrible fan of facebook because I don't have the ability to say no to such things.

I've been trying to find a Felicia Day icon for weeks now and so far I've come up with nothing, unfortunately. You'd think with The Guild....Oh, well. Hopefully somebody will start making Dr. Horrible ones soon.
They just added an album of behind the scenes photos here!!!
They just added an album of behind the scenes photos here!!!

Those are very nice photos. Some of them look downright musical.
Those are awesome. My favorite is the one of Felicia and Neil singing. I guess just the sight of it makes me even more super-excited. And the Nathan and Felicia hugging one is awww. And of course, Nathan posing. there is an LJ community. I guess I'm just a masochist at heart...enjoy!
There's now an OFFICIAL Myspace page in addition to the fan one
Faaaaaab-ulous. It looks like they just had a blast. Just awesome people, hanging out together and being awesome. And singing. I'm a little jealous of the Capt. Hammer groupies. No, I'm a lot jealous.
Neat behind the scenes pictures. I so want one of the Captain Hammer groupies' t-shirts.
I love those pics.
I love that all the Whedon boys look alike and that the boss still has his same old barn jacket.
Those pics are awesome and yes, I want a T - shirt too. Now off to join that LJ comm.
I call this one "Whedon Country."
That one stuck me as particularly iconic, Pointy. Although Nathan's pose in that outfit is also pretty amazing.
I seriously want this hat. Perhaps you would be so kind as to put the brand name and style in the production notes, Demon Writer of TV?
I'm pretty sure it's not hard to find a stylish black tuque like that. ;)
Everybody knew that Nathan was appearing in the Wonder Woman cartoon back in February? Right?

AICN discovered this yesterday so this is why we're getting a rash of stories about it at the moment.
I'm not cool enough to pull off the black tuque.
Really? I don't think I'm nearly cool enough to pull off the cowboy hat. I do rock a barn or lab coat though. Maybe not Dr. Horrible's style of lab coat though.
I was wondering if I could get away with wearing the goggles at work.
Of all the science gear I've worn hours on end, I have to say goggles are the least fun. You'd think they'd be, but no, not at all. Particularly the rubbery type Dr. Horrible's got on. You want the ones like sunglasses.
Awww... Nathan is too cute in those photos! They seem to have so much fun on the set!

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