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June 25 2008

Voting begins for SyFy Genre Awards. Vote for Whedonesque as best web site, and James Marsters as best guest star on Torchwood (if you agree of course!). You can vote once a day.

More information on the awards here .

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Forgive me, but I voted neither for James (I voted for Michelle) nor Summer (I voted for Katee).

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Well, James is up against George Takei. Also Jo Rowling seems a bit young for a Lifetime Achievement Award.
Actually...I choose George Takei too, and Katee Sackoff. But Whedonesque for best website definitely!
I didn't vote for James either. I wanted to, I really did (and if it would have been for Kiss Kiss Bang Bang instead of Exit Wounds, I would have). But they had John Simm up there, and watching him as The Master was the reason I started watching Life On Mars. So as much as I wanted to be loyal, I just couldn't. Did vote for Summer though, and Whedonesque (obviously). ;)

I voted for Douglas Adams for Lifetime Achievement. Voting for JK Rowling just didn't seem right, not now at least.

And did anyone else have trouble with Best Television Actor? Deciding between John Barrowman, David Tennant, and Lee Pace was a doozy for me.
I voted for James and Summer and Whedonesque!
And did anyone else have trouble with Best Television Actor? Deciding between John Barrowman, David Tennant, and Lee Pace was a doozy for me.

Um, and Edward James Olmos ;)!
Unfortunately, I'm currently the only person in the universe who hasn't seen Battlestar Galatica. Will definitely resolve once I have the money to rent movies (or they put it on the instant list on Netflix).
I stick with what I know and love best. Jensen Ackles, James Marsters, Will Smith (Johnny Depp is an amazing actor who I hope will cross paths with His Whedon one day, but Sweeney Todd was too much of a disappointment for me, not to mention the barely there Tony Head!), Whedonesque (is there really any other choice. pfft), and Douglas Adams.

I keep saying this, but when is William Fichtner's genius going to be recognized? A damn shame indeed.

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Gotcha :) Many difficult decisions on the list this year, which is always a fun problem to have. Who would've thought there'd be so much good genre tv airing/aired.
Yeah, Eddie O and Mary McD for the Best Actor spots for me. And then it had to be Michael Emerson for Best Supporting because his performance as Benjamin Linus is one of the best on-going performances on TV in years.
Unfortunately, I'm currently the only person in the universe who hasn't seen Battlestar Galatica.

I haven't either. I think I will this winter.
Unfortunately, I'm currently the only person in the universe who hasn't seen Battlestar Galatica.

Here just the 1st season airs in open tv.
Gateworld ! Gateworld ! Gateworld ! What ?

(just jestin' o' course ;)

Best Actress was tough (Eve Myles has done some great work this year IMO) as was Best Guest (I really wanted to give it to Derek Jacobi but Michelle Forbes snagged it after to-ing and fro-ing). And I went for Summer even though Katee Sackhoff is equally brilliant, partly because Summer really did give a nicely layered, subtle performance as Cameron and partly because BSG featured so heavily in my other votes).

And Lifetime Achievement, there's just no right or wrong way to vote there, they've all contributed massively to the genre but I plumped for Douglas Adams because he was a genius and by all accounts a bloody good bloke (and it's an excuse to say hoopy frood and there's no "too many" for hoopy frood, fact ;)
Also Jo Rowling seems a bit young for a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Actually, Joss got the Lifetime Achievement Award when he was younger than Rowling.

She's also the first woman to ever have been nominated in this category.

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Mary McDonnell, Katee Sackhoff, and Whedonesque for the win!
Agreed Valentyn, and let's add Edward James Olmos to that list!

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I voted for a lot of BSG. And Whedonesque, of course.
Voted for Doctor Who, but I feel I have betrayed Lost.

Had to vote for James, even with Derek Jacobi and John Simm on the list. It's pathological.

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This was really hard! I chose David Tennant as best actor,but there was also EJO and Lee Pace, or between Iron Man and Stardust, or Summer and Katee. The best site is obviously,Whedonesque,no doubt about that.And as much as I liked James' performance, I had to vote for the Master.
To this day, I wish Jacobi had remained The Master.
I just can't see Jacobi dancing around to I Can't Decide, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

Simms was awesome (and The Master is my all-time favourite DW baddie, starting with Delgado).
I just can't see Jacobi dancing around to I Can't Decide, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

Well, see that's my point. I hated where they went with Simms as The Master and would have preferred a less campy and more malevolent Jacobi version
As I just got home and haven't read the rest of the thread yet, I'll just say the man's name is Simm :) Not much to add after reading the rest. Lots of good choices. Michael Emerson has been awesome+ on Lost.
I didn't go for Summer. I had to go for Tricia. She's just amazing.
Wow, some really tough choices this year. Kinda' allowed my biase to shine through with BSG; voted J.Olmos, Mary McDonnel, J.Callis, and Tricia Helfer in the best actor/supporting roles. Out of those four, Mary had better get an award, she's amazing.

Was really torn between Michelle Forbes and George Takei, after much soul searching, decided George was the best pick.

In the "I can't believe I'm saying this" surprise, I had to go with Robert Downez in "Iron Man", quite a shocker there!

Finally, through all the sites listed this year are top-notch, my heart has always belonged to Whedonesque. Hey, we're kick ass! Did I mention I may be biase?
I had to go with BSG almost all the way (Katee Sackoff, although Tricia Helfer was a close second in my book). I know that Summer is capable of being just as good (Serenity, duh) but the material she has to work with on Terminator TSCC is miles from as rich and deep as any character on BSG. And James Callis, probably the most likely sho-in on the list.

Had to go with James, although the competition was amazing. After re-watching (um, more than a few times) I think I actually prefer his performance in Exit Wounds to KKBB, for being more nuanced, from a strictly technical POV.

I surprised myself by voting for Exit Wounds for Best Episode. Neither of the two BSG entries were at the top of my favorites list, so far this season. If it had been Hub, or Revelations, or Escape Velocity, it would have been no contest.

Website? :=)
It was hard to go to the obvious choices, except for us of course.

I didn't vote for James, I voted for John Simms, who's first scenes from "Utopia", were enough make me a fan of his, and I made me watch "Life on Mars", which I just happened to have just finished. And he was even better in Sound of Drums.

The main actors category, I went with Eddie and Mary. They're simply amazing, which make me wonder why some of the people are even featured in the list.

Supporting I went with the amazing work Michael Emerson been delivering in Lost, and Tricia Helfer's multiple copies of Six. Like Shey, I almost went BSG all the way, with some exceptions.

Best Episode? Blink, simply one of the most riveting and best television hours of any show last season. Steven Moffat rocks.

Robert Downey Jr. was the perfect choice for Tony Stark, and this is still one of the best movies from this summer season.

Onto the Best Movie, it was sort of hard. I really liked what they did with Gaiman's Stardust.

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I also have not seen BG. It is on my Netflix list, but at this point I figured it would be best to wait until it ends and I can see the whole thing.

With BG being the main entrant in almost every category I don't really feel right about voting. I'm surprised there is no Arthur C. Clark or HG Wells love in the lifetime achievement award category, though.
newjc, I voted for Wells in Lifetime. Didn't seem to make sense to vote for more newly-arrived people before giving one to him.
Let see.

Best actor - David Tennant. Cause he was amazing as John Smith.
Best actress - Mary McDonnell. Acts the socks off everyone else.
Best supporting actor - Michael Emerson. Ben is one of the best character of any tv show of the last few years.
Best supporting actress - Tricia Helfer. I didn't know she was in the Charlies Angels story until I saw it by accident this year. Seeing her and Ben Browder on screen together was just weird.
Best episode - The Great Leap forward. Say what you like about The 4400 they always know how to do a finale. And The Pixies was just icing on the cake.
Best guest actor - James Marsters. Goes without saying.
Best young actor- Jordan Hinson. I adore Eureka. It's my little gem of a show.
Best actor - Harrison Ford. Only for the "you're embarrassing us" line.
Best actress -Clare Danes. She nice.
Best web site - Whedonesque.
Best web production - me battering out a new Whedonesque entry in 5 seconds every sodding time.
Best movie - Stardust. It made me feel good.
Best series - Tie between Doctor Who and Lost. Hard to decide.
Lifetime Achievement award - JKR for creating a fandom as nutty as ours.

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