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August 11 2002

'Stina has a theory: "Angel versus Xander: Who's more heroic?" "Is the Anointed One a vampire?" "The truth about vampire sex."

Also: how Fox Mulder and Rupert Giles could have met. No, really.

Interesting theories. I don't completely agree with them, but that's what makes sharing BtVS theories so darn fun. Mulder & Giles may have met briefly in Oxford at the Bod. Big deal. It's a reach to assume that even if they crossed paths over the same library or even the same book that years later either of them would recall one another. Besides it doesn't matter. Whedon would never hire Duchovny for a special guest star role. Well, if he did, he wouldn't hire Duchovny to play Fox Mulder.

'Stina's homoerotic accusations of Angel towards Xander are not only disturbing and ewwwy, but unfoundedly anti-Whedoneque. The canon gives no indication Angel's interested in Xander, or guys in general, in *that* way. Slash just really annoys me. Why read into the canon what's so obviously not there? Xander & Angel are comptetitors for Buffy's interests and nothing more. Where she sees googly eyes, I see daggers in the back. If looks could kill... 'Stina's comparisons of heroism between Xander & Angel are more interesting and viable, but ultimately she doesn't come to suitable conclusions. Angel has more power than Xander, so it is strange that Xander's had more opportunities to show his heroism, but also from a writing perspective it's simply more dramatic to throw Xander into the fray than Angel, since Angel's already dead.

The Anointed One may or may not have been a vampire. I choose to believe A1 was what Whedon might call "a good idea on paper" which didn't work out on camera. The real reason Whedon killed A1 off was because the child actor playing him was already showing signs of aging, and a vampire which is supposed to be a kid isn't supposed to ever age. So Whedon just killed A1 off before it became necessary to explain why his voice was cracking. However, the M.E. writing staff could learn a few things by reading 'stina's theories. They could bring back A1 if they wanted (played by the same actor grown up or a different one), explaining that he never was a vampire. She is right in that much of the thrust of that character's existence on screen involved the audience's assumption. They never actually showed A1 doing anything remotely vampiry. Maybe A1 is really an evil equivalent of Dawn -- a glowing orb of energy disguised as a human. Stranger things have occurred on the show.
There was a site, a while ago, that was organizing roundtable fanfic/email role playing btvs/xfiles crossover suff, i almost signed up to play skinner, but thought better of it at the last minute.

It did, however, inspire my first foray into fan/xover art.

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