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"Of course, according to my parents the action I'm getting right now should make my last remaining eye go blind..."
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June 30 2003

Teen Idol Gellar VH1's Top 50 Teen Idols marks SMG as #22.

"Daddy, why is your head all caved in?"

"Because Leif Garrett scored higher than SMG on that VH1 thing."

"You mean Leif Ericsson, the famous viking explorer? Because, he's cool!"

Oh the day where Avril Lavigne and SMG can be in the same lists...
Avril and MT are scarily similar.
I actually watched this show, (until it got to the SMG part, I could only stand so much) and Debbie Gibson totally dissed "BtVS". They were discussing Sarah, and Debbie said something close to; "I'm sure we will see her in other things, not just Buffy." Then she scrunched up her nose and made a face when she said "Buffy."
Anyway I thought it was pretty funny. It reminded me of the Keifer Sutherland story SMG always tells. ("They made a TV show out of that awful movie my Father was in? You'll get something better next time.")
I think Sarah will be lucky to ever find something as good for her career as Buffy, and I hope she does, but Scooby Doo certainly isn't it.

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