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June 25 2008

J. August is 'Raising the Bar' this August on TNT. JAR co-stars in the series. This is a new series from Steven Bochco. The series follows the lives and cases of young lawyers who have been friends since law school, but who now work on opposing sides. The series is scheduled to premiere Labor Day Weekend.

Saw the pilot and enjoyed it. JAR is certainly big on the lawyer thing, huh.
So apparently that W&H brain upgrade thing REEEEAAALLLY stuck, eh?
Is this the third time he's played a lawyer in a television series? I'll check it out. Very underrated.
Much as I wish JAR was rasing the bar, I've amended the link title to "raising." :-)
Haunt, there is now water on my keyboard. ;) That's pretty much a wittier version of what I thought of. Wasn't the last lawyer show on TNT as well?
Yay for JAR. It is funny to me that he's a lawyer again. Maybe he just really likes power ties? Or maybe the Gilbert and Sullivan thing is just too irresistable.

Also, he's definitely the hottest guy on the cast. Although it helps a lot that Mark-Paul Gosselaar's hair is awful--it reminds me of Tom Hanks's on DaVinci Code.

SNT, maybe JAR is razing the bar. You know, because it was full of demons. Or possibly low-grade lite beer.
I really enjoyed J. on Conviction (and Angel, duh), so I'll probably check this out.
'Raising the Bar' wasn't bad and JAR was good in it but it's Just Another Legal Drama as far as i'm concerned, not different enough to really grab me. Also fairly hard to take the guy from 'Saved by the Bell' seriously but I freely admit that's my problem and not his ;).
Well I'll be waiting until it shows up on TNT (I so need a new computer and so can't afford it). Just for J. I'll check it out, he deserves a good (or at least decent) show.
JAR is certainly big on the lawyer thing, huh.

I read in an interview once that his parents wanted him to either be a priest or a lawyer. So maybe this is his own backhanded way of honoring that.

TNT's been really Angel-friendly, haven't they? First Leverages, now this (not to mention still showing reruns in the morning).
Can't wait to see J. on TV again. I like lawyer/legal dramas, and I like JAR. Sounds like a win/win to me.

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