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June 26 2008

That Joss Whedon schedule at Comic Con in full. The timetable has yet to be confirmed officially but it's looking like the Dr. Horrible/Buffy season 8 panel will be on Friday July 25th at 1:302:30 p.m. and the Dollhouse panel will be on the following day at 12 p.m.

Apparently the Friday event will be held in Ballroom 20.


Sidebar note on the sidebar - Is that video of Joss and Eliza with Niecy Nash and Jerry O'connel new? As in has it been whedonesque-ified? I dont think I've ever seen it. Someone braver then me post it as its own!
It's gonna be busy weekend for us, especially for people who won't be able to attend, and will end up following the coverage here from websites and people who are going.
Well, there goes lunch ;)
Is that video of Joss and Eliza with Niecy Nash and Jerry O'connel new?

It was posted last week.
Do we already have volunteers to twitter/mobile blog these panels??? I'm sure at a show like this, Friday and Saturday right in the middle of the day is tough.

As a matter of fact, I have a great slogan to suggest for the Comic-Con volunteer staffers' t-shirts, "Comic-Con: Please don't trample or be trampled."
What happens if the actors go on strike? Will they still show up for the convention? Not to be all doom and gloom. I'm just wondering if anyone knows.
Ooh, linklove from Watch with Kristin.
NYPinTA they might not turn up if there's a strike. I was reading an article about it earlier.

Collider article.
Dr. Horrible isn't studio produced, so would they be exempt?

Ok, guys...
12 p.m.: Dollhouse

3:154:15 p.m.: Pushing Daisies

Do I have a shot or should I not bother trying? I'd really, really love to make both.
Hacksaway, you have a very good chance if they are in the same room.
Hacksaway, you have a very good chance if they are in the same room.

But by the schedule it doesn't look like they are in the same room, does it? Isn't it the case that typically (although not without exception), panels are one hour long with a 15-minute gap between them? So anything after Dollhouse would start at 2:15, run to 3:15, and then the next at 3:30. If Pushing Daisies is at 3:15, it doesn't fit there.

(That's all just-woken-up need-me-coffee speculation and analysis, though.)

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Right, I'm assuming they aren't in the same room. Would it still be possible to get there?
I hope to God noonish means noon and Lost is in the same room as Dollhouse. That would really suck if I missed one of them for the other. Unfortunately it looks like I'm going to have to make a decision. :(
If noonish means noon, then it won't be in the same room, for the reason I explained above about the 15-minute gap between panels. For the Lost panel to be in the same room, noonish would need to mean 11:45 AM.

That said, believe me: If it were to go, in one room, Lost, Dollhouse, BSG, that would satisfy the expense of going to Comic-Con right there.

ETA: Looking at that schedule, it's really hard to get an early handle on it.

It would fit the typical pattern, for example, if SCC (11:3012:30) was followed by The Office (12:451:45), with something undetermined after that (2:00-3:00), and then Pushing Daisies (3:154:15).

Then if Lost's "noonish" is done right (11:45-12:45), it could be followed by Dollhouse (1:00-2:00), and then BSG (2:15-3:15).

The lost child in that premise, though, is Heroes (10:4511:45) which doesn't fit either of those patterns.

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Please, PLEASE let Dollhouse and BSG be in the same room. Because if they aren't, there won't be enough time in between to get from one to t'other. And my BSG fangirl might win out.

Well, not *might* WILL win out.
Does anyone know if you need tickets to get into the panels? The one and only con I've been to (WW Chicago) worked that way and I missed out on the Joss panel. I did manage to score one of the last autograph tickets so it wasn't a total loss.

I get the impression that this will be a matter of getting to the correct room and staying there all day. I'm not sure I want to fly out for one day (Friday) if the chances of getting into the panel are super slim.

We're still looking for a hotel room and are thinking about staying in LA and Amtrak'ing down. Any advice?
No extra tickets are needed for the panels at Comic-Con. Just a lot of patience and willingness to wait in line.
The schedule looks reasonable this time, even though I'll have to miss "Lost" and "Heroes". Too bad "Pushing Daisies" didn't go for another early AM slot. I was hoping for some pie for breakfast, as they did last year. Still, I will still have a chance to have a fantastic Friday with MST3K followed by the Eisners.
Last year, my first year (and only for like a day and a half), I didn't get up early enough to get into the Heroes panel, but got into that room in time for Futurama and so was able to be there for BSG and Joss. This year, if my ideal schedule ends up in a single room, I'm afraid of how long I'll be trapped in a room with no bathroom.
I don't know why I'm so fascinated with guessing the schedule since I can't even go but I'll go theorize anyway. If Kristin's times are mostly right, then I would guess Heroes, Lost, Dollhouse, BSG and Chuck will be in Ballroom 20. I'm not sure why Lost's panel seems to be missing 15 min but either their panel will be only 45 min long or they'll move Heroes back 15 min or push Dollhouse and BSG forward 15 min. In Room 6A/6B will be SCC, The Office, something at 2-3pm, and Pushing Daisies (where it was last year). I don't think there are any other large rooms to house the TV shows except for those two rooms and Hall H is typically reserved for movies only.

I don't think it's impossible to move room to room. Last year I was able to move from Hall H for the Incredible Hulk panel to Ballroom 20 I think for Joss's panel for a seat in the middle of the room 10-15 min later. The toughest part would be if all the seats are completely filled and they close the room like they did for the Heroes panel last year which I had to miss.
Hopefully they learned from last year's mistakes and won't tell people in line that a hall is full when it isn't. There were lots of disappointed -- and angry -- fans last year.
May I suggest having (or renting ;-) polite, charismatic teenaged offspring? It's amazing how much easier it is to get into a "full" room or go back and forth to the bathroom.

Seriously I hope everyone is able to get to as much as s/he can and enjoy it. It really isn't possible to do and see it all it seems, so you just have to go with the flow and have fun. And shower. Please. ;-)
I'll posit a guess that maybe they learned from the Heroes panel last year and put Heroes and Lost in Hall H this year. Last year they opened Hall H for movie panels on Thursday too, which I think I heard was the first year they did that. So they may fill Hall H programming on Thursday again, making more room for Heroes/Lost to be in there on Saturday. Just a thought.

Every year at this time my excitement/frustration builds while waiting for the full schedule to be revealed. Some of the best programs I've seen were smaller-profile panels, like Bear McCreary's "music of BSG" program last year. So. Cool.

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B!x, the good thing is that if you are trapped in the all all day (like we were last year) there is "in and out" privledges. They wil issue you a "ticket" at the back door of the room, to get back in for food and restroom breaks (but only for that panel).
Oh, see, I did not know that. Duly noted.
Man, thanks Simon (and Kristin)! I was looking for this yesterday, but now it's all laid out in my calendar. I hope we get locations, and a map, and a confirmation from my one other show (Bones) soon. It looks like I should get my mom a Friday ticket as well. :)
1:30 to 2:30 is a pretty early time for what's likely to be such a major panel in terms of attendance. I hope that they're assigning a bigger room and aren't going with what the Darkhorse panel would have been without Joss. Getting in line as early as possible sounds like a good idea.
How do tickets for autographs work? There are a limited number? How does one get one or get a chance to get one? Or am I misunderstanding this and it is just more lineups?
I think it depends? As near as I can recall, some are just lines, while others you have to "win" a ticket to get in line, in a random drawing held at an earlier time.
Lioness, there's a whole section on the SDCC site on autographs, but it's apparently overwhelmed by traffic at the moment. My advice is go ahead and try. Why not?
I checked the site earlier today but it didn't give me much information. A lot of the SDCC site assumes you know what is going on! Dreamlogic, go ahead and try what?
There are scheduled "autograph" areas in the big foyer/pavillion where registration takes place. The autograph sessions frequently take place immediately following the panels and what often happens is that people forego the panel and just wait in line at the autograph area so they are first in line. I've seen many people rush out of panels to get in the autograph line only to find them already so long that it is unlikely to ever make it to the front. That is just what I've seen.
Just show up, and hope for the best? We know the time (maybe). If the principals aren't set up for autograph opportunities, maybe you could hit them later? If that's what you're really after? You're confusing me.
Lioness, really the answer is: Wait for the schedules for this year to be posted. That's the first way to know who's just going to be in a "get in line" session and who's going to be in a "you have to win a spot in line" session.

And at the Con itself, there are notice boards with the morning's updates as things get added or changed. In addition, if you know a particular person might be at a particular booth at some point (like, say, maybe Joss will be at Dark Horse), go to that booth early on and ask them if that person will be doing a booth signing and how it will work.

(Booth signings, although I only have last year to go by since that was my first, seem frequently to use the "win a spot in line" approach, so it's good to ask at a given booth if you think someone might be there at some point.)
And don't forget one of the stars of Dr. Horrible will be at the California Browncoats booth all weekend. Felicia Day will be signing at least one hour each day at the booth from Thursday thru Sunday.
Kristin posted the Lost time as 121 p.m. SaltyGoodness could be right.

danregal, I hope Felicia's signing times won't be while we're all in line. :)
Kristin posted the Lost time as 121 p.m.

Hrm. Which means despite this year's LOST ARG launching at Comic-Con, I'll have to miss whatever part of it they pull at the panel, because I'll have to already be in whatever room Dollhouse is in.

Suck. I mean, not as much suck as not being at Comic-Con at all. But, suck.
Nope, we're going to schedule the signing times away from any Whedon related panels. Of course that means they will possibly be during a different panel you want to see. But with her signing for multiple days, there's bound to be a time that fits your schedule.
Thanks all. That makes it much clearer. As for what I'm after, I want it all! This is likely to be my only Comic Con. Looking forward to volunteering at the booth too.

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