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"Ha ha HA! Mine is an evil die!"
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June 26 2008

Top Five Favorite TV Robots. CinemaBlend's Kelly West ranks the television 'bots, with Summer Glau's Terminatrix "Cameron" at #3 spot, and the Buffybot coming in at #2.

All I can say to that list is "Bite My Shiny Metal Ass!!!"
Yeah the site's even called 'Bend Television' (well nearly, sort of, ish ;). And no Metal Mickey love ? How quickly they forget, so fickle.

The Buffybot was great, SMG played "her" really nicely and brought a lot of humour to the part. KITT qualifies I reckon, robots don't need to be humanoid, they just need to be able to move (even in situ) to separate them from computers. And brain tickles tell me KITT may actually have gone evil in one episode (and I definitely remember "his" "evil twin", CARR.
The Buffybot is my favorite robot ever. Especially when the real Buffy arrives and everyone realizes their mistake. That was great.
What, no love for Robby, the quintessential robot? Even though he started out in film, he certainly left his footprints (tracks?) all over television.
Buffybot? Pfft. April was the original!

But it's strange that all robots seem to have superstrength. Why? Why would Warren, for example, decide to build a girlfriend robot and think "I know! I'll make her incredibly strong! Even though it'll cost more and make it harder to design and make and offer no advantage to the whole being my girlfriend role!"

Why are machines always assumed to be way stronger than us? My coffee frother whisk is a machine, and I can overpower it with ease!
Okay, it was a struggle at first. Until it's batteries ran down.
This list needs more Twiki.

What about Data? He was one of my favorite Star Trek characters, definitely. I had to vote "other" because of him (sorry Buffybot!).
They missed the ... god, sixty or seventy T.V. robots I would have included above "Small Wonder" (WTF???) but yeah ... Buffybot = Awesome, though my favorite robot from the Buffyverse is probably the evil John Ritter-bot in "Ted."

So, "Ted" for me on Buffy, but for overall favorite T.V. robot ...

I'm in a Doctor Who mood lately, so I'll go with K-9 this week.

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