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June 27 2008

Happy Birthday, Christian Kane! Wolfram & Hart's golden boy turns 34 today.

Golden boy, indeed. :_)
Happy Birthday Christian, can't wait for the new show.
Somehow (ahem ;) managed to see the pre-air pilot and it's pretty good. Not perfect but very watchable IMO. CK plays a "retrieval specialist" (won't be more specific since him demonstrating that is a mini-payoff in the episode ;) who is, in some ways, not a million miles from later seasons Lindsey but seems like he has more of an emotional core and maybe a less dark sense of humour (and his "job role" on the show is totally different).

And Timothy Hutton is, as you'd imagine, just excellent (watch him when the "team" ask him why he's doing what he's about to do). So's the rest of the cast for that matter, I could fall for the slightly off her head female team member right quick and no messing (she's got sort of a more "together" River vibe to her).

Happy birthday Mr Christian Kane esq. and many more. Guid gear comes in wee book as me auld ma used to say, just you keep on proving that ;).
It's very watchable, indeed. I haven't seen an ensemble cast so in tune with each other in a very long time....perhaps since season one of Btvs.
Yeah they really seem at ease with each other's rhythms and according to Rogers' production diary the pre-production was "truncated" which might suggest they didn't have too much rehearsal time. Very much looking forward to seeing what they can do a couple of episodes in, when the actors are totally in the swing of it. One of those shows where it started very respectably and you can only really see it getting better.
I'm hoping so, yes. I don't watch much television. It takes a lot to capture and hold my attention. There's only a handful of series that have done it so I'm hoping this will be another one.
Happy birthday, Christian!

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