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June 27 2008

(SPOILER) New trailer for "Repo! The Genetic Opera". More Tony Head goodness. More glorious lunacy as well.

This movie looks pretty awesome.
An ASH singing movie? I'm in. But I can't tell from the trailer whether it's going to be brilliant or awful.
I've seen this trailer three times in a row now and I am just thrilled over it! Not even the idea that Paris Hilton is in it can ruin the good vibe I get from this movie. Can't wait!!
The first trailer made it look terrible, and the second makes it look awesome. Tony Head literally rocks.
love sarah brightman and love ASH. but the movie looks rather disturbing for my taste. might want to get my hands on a soundtrack though if they release one, i always love hearing ASH sing! :)
Great trailer! I'm way too excited about this! If anybody hasn't caught them, there's a couple songs on the myspace page "21st Century Cure" is absolutely wonderful! And, of course, the novelty of Ogre being in a film is just too fantastic.
AWESOME!! I cannot wait for this movie! Tony Head looks super-mega-awesome.
Mr. Head is an absolutely wonderful singer, I'd see the movie purely for him, because other than that it would be frightening to support anything with Paris Hilton.
Yes!! *incoherent squee* ASH gettin' his freak on, with singing! And looking!! (I said incoherent.)
Glorious is definitely the word.

Love ASH, and I love that he gets to go back to his Rocky Horror roots a little bit with being the mad villain type. And I absolutely adore Sarah Brightman as she is magnificent. It does hurt my soul a little bit that the likes of Paris Hilton appear in the same thing as actors/singers of ASH and Sarah's caliber.

Isn't Joan Jett in this, too? I thought I read that somewhere, and I certainly hope so, for the awesomeness factor would rise even more!
Love, love, love his voice! Everytime I hear it I swoon a little.

I'll go see it for ASH singing alone. Otherwise, I'd probably avoid this because of Paris Hilton.
Wow, I was never interested in seeing this before, but after watching the trailer and marveling at the amazingness of ASH, I am totally captivated by the movie already.
Yeah, the Paris Hilton thing nearly kills it for me - can somebody send out a memo - can we all just not. (I have to watch those moments of VM Season 1 peeking through my fingers.) But now that I've got the whine out of the way, I am very excited for this after seeing the trailer. I heart ASH - especially when singing. So Paris Hilton be damned I will be watching this. It looks like it has the potential to be amazing so fingers crossed.
Think it'll be released on the big screen?

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