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June 27 2008

Spike and the Buffybot make Wired's List of Best Robot Love Stories. Wall-E has a classic Hollywood romance at its heart, with a robot twist. Wired decided to take a look at some great robot love stories, including entries ranging from Bladerunner to Metropolis. So they had to include one of our favorite electronically-enhanced couples.

I dunno, I still find 'Intervention' one the most disturbing Buffy episodes I've ever watched. Hilarious, definitely, but still immensely disturbing. ;)
A world of 'ick.' :-P
Eww. Funny, but eww.
Awww, I'm so stupidly thrilled about this!
Gynoid? OK, there's a word I could have lived without. But I do love Intervention, especially the final scenes.
But surprisingly Mr. Universe & the lovebot did not make the list.
Yay BuffyBot - she rocks!
The first time I watched Intervention I remember thinking for a split-second that they must be having a robot Buffy because SMG was off filming. DOH! I attribute it to her doing a great job. And me having a blonde moment.
It wasn't really love. The Buffybot was great, but she was designed to lust after Spike - and Spike didn't love her.

edit - why am I calling it 'her'?

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Just to be insanely picky...
...but the photo they've got isn't of the Buffybot - it's of Buffy. In Spike's dream.
Yes....Buffybot smiles much more often than the real thing.
One movie no one mentioned was "Making Mr. Right" with Ann Magnuson and John Malkovich as a guy who makes a robot version of himself...which Ann falls for. If you can track this movie down, you'll get a real treat.
Intervention is one of my favourite episodes. Just as Family is the episode where Tara finally becomes a member of the 'family' group, I think Intervention is when Spike does even if he is not recognised as such overtly - and is denied that recognition many times after that. That's the moment when Buffy starts to trust him.
With Buffybot there was definitely an "ick" factor at first, but what I really loved about her was how she was even more strangely literal than our Anya. That, and things such as the knock-knock joke scene in Bargaining Pt. 1. That cracked me up for about five minutes the first time I watched it.

As for Intervention, I liked it because it injected a little comic relief in a way that wasn't cheesy or contrived. Also, what samatwitch said about Spike.

Am I the only one bummed that there's no Number 5 from Short Circuit? "Reassemble, Stephanie!" C'mon, that's classic!
Just to be insanely picky...
...but the photo they've got isn't of the Buffybot - it's of Buffy. In Spike's dream.

Thank you, deird, I was just thinking the same thing.
BUFFYBOT: Hello Anya. How is your money?
ANYA: Good, thank you! (laughs)
I note there's no Data and Tasha Yar listing. Their "romantic" liaison may have only been one time, but their friendship endured until her death. How different that relationship between a robot and a human was than Spike (okay, used to be human, now self-serving vampire) and Buffybot (Tasha was embarrassed by it after the fact because of the extenuating circumstances involved).

I recently saw a rerun of the episode of TNG in which there is a trial to determine whether or not Data is a sentient being after refusing to be taken apart by a Starfleet scientist. The technology that made Data capable of evolving was of course, far more advanced than the one that created Buffybot, and the purpose not, as Buffy put it, "gross and obscene," and yet I liked Buffybot and her Donna Reed cheerfulness when she wasn't doing Spike. Useful fodder to show difficult it was for Buffy to like Spike at all, and then fuckity! He goes and does something useful and decent.

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Anya did get along well with the robots.
What bandofbuggered and samawitch said. ;-)

.... He goes and does something useful and decent.

More like courageous and selfless, I'd say.

Really loved Intervention, a near perfect ep.

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