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June 28 2008

Happy Birthday, Felicia Day. Former Vampire Slayer Vi, the star of the acclaimed online series "The Guild", and the upcoming "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog", turns 29 today. Share your birthday wishes to one of the Jossverse's best!

Happy Birthday Felicia!
Happy Birthday, Felicia!
Happy Birthday Felicia!
Have a wonderful birthday, Felicia!
Just trying to ride the wave of Joss' birthday a few days ago, eh?
Happy Birthday Felicia!

You're so very sweet and awesome to your fans. You deserve the very best.
It's wonderful to watch Felicia's multitudinous talents blossom - I look forward to seeing her at Comic-Con.
Happy Birthday, Felicia.
I hope you have a lovely day and wonderful year to follow.
Does she read Whedonesque? She seems like someone who might.

Well if you do read this have a very Happy Birthday Felicia!
Does she read Whedonesque? She seems like someone who might.
I think I recall reading on her site once that she has a google alert on her name, so this should come up. :)

I'll add my birthday wishes to those existing for the lovely Felicia. I hope the day is full of joy, love, and cake.
Happy Birthday Felicia!
Happy Birthday Felicia! You are awesome! ;)

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Happy Birthday Felicia! I can't wait to see you in Doctor Horrible! And great to read you're working on a second season of "The Guild"!
Happy Birthday, Felicia!
Felices Fiestas Felicia!
Love the Guild--can't wait to see you in Dr. H.
I'm pretty sure she'll see this...
I already wrote this on The Guild forum, but here it goes again:

Happy Birthday Felicia!
All the best!
I'll add my birthday wishes as well, Felicia- you go, girl!
I twitter-wished you happy birthday...but happy birthday again, Felicia..^^
Feliz Felicia Dia!
Happy Birthday Felicia. Looking forward to more Guild, Dr. Horrible and your presence at Comic Con!
May your birthday be filled with cake.
Happy birthday Ms Felicia Day and oodles more ;).
haiku time:

today, although we're
not Felicia Day, it is
still Felicia day
Happy Birthday, Felicia!
Many happy returns!
Happy birthday, Felicia!
She's a doll!

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