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June 28 2008

Buffy Summers is #1 on IGN's list of "Sci-Fi Babes"! Plus many other Joss women on the list!!

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There must be a lot of Whedon fanatics over at IGN. Buffy and Firefly make just about every list they do.
Dunno if this'll get merged with the Top 25 Sci-Fi babes thread but that is easily the most respectful blurb for any of the entries (in general, it feels like the top 3 entries were either written by a different person than most of the rest or are characters that actually inspire genuine respect in the author since the leching is minimal/non-existent).
Altho, I dunno, I'm getting abit tired of that publcity shot of Buffy with Sarah imitating Barbara Steele's body language from Black Sunday. It always strikes me as somehow, not inappropriate per se but off-key.

Wish I had time to scroll and find the others.
Overall the list was pretty good. I agree with Saje's comments re the leching, though. Definitely written by or for adolescent males! Maybe I shouldn't be surprised that Claudia Black isn't on the list. On the other hand, Diana Rigg's Emma Peel is.
I love that both my favorite slayers were in the top ten, but I must violently reject their assertion that Faith got boring when she went good again. She's utterly fascinating in Season Seven, and the main reason for lifting that final arc out of mundanity. Well, empowering the Potentials did more of that, but bringing Faith back was essential.

Also cool that Summer's on there twice. Can any of their other women make that claim? Didn't read them all.
I'll accept any hot girl list where Buffy is #1. I can't help it, I'm a fan :)
Joss girls. What's that, is that a new show on tv? hahaha
Well, lets see. Sarah, Aly, Eliza, Amber...ahh. I'll be in my bunk!!
I'm beginning to think the folks over at IGN have nothing better to do X0)
While Joss may be feeling all Charlie-like with his "girls," I thought the term "women" might be more appropriate/respectful, and changed the title accordingly.
That's true... wasn't SMG actually in her teens when she started shooting Buffy? Whichever, they're definitely all young adults now.
But why do you keep reading such strong women?

Because they're who I like to find in my bunk!


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"I'll accept any hot girl list where Buffy is #1. I can't help it, I'm a fan :)"

Completely agree. I went through most of the list and it seems reasonable enough. I know many people prefer secondary characters to Buffy but I actually liked her.
"Good morning, Angels."

"Good morning, Jossy."
I guess this hits physical newsstands next month?

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