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July 01 2003

Girls just wanna have guns The Boston Globe scrutinizes this summer's "girl power" images (including Charlie's Angels, Lara Croft, and Trinity from the Matrix), and asks in the end why they can't be more like Buffy.

Don't ya think its safe to say that articles like that make Joss smile?
Is it just my imagination or did Joss not say a while ago that he always wanted there to be merchandise like a "barbie with kung-fu grip"?

Maybe someone should let the author of the article know... :o)
Yeah, Joss would probably give a nice little satisfied chuckle if he read this.

Also, I don't think the writer would mind the"barbie doll with kung-fu grip" as long as the character on screen was more than that and a little less than a stripper (see Charles Angels or, for that matter, Alias).

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