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June 29 2008

(SPOILER) Josh Friedman and Summer Glau talk SCC Season 2. News on casting, a few hints about the direction of the new season, and Thomas Dekker's bangs.

The bangs made him much hotter.
But the lack of bangs makes him look much more mature.

Can't wait to see what's going to happen with Cameron. If it messed with her core whatchamacallit, we could see bits of programming surface from before John reprogrammed her in the future, which would be highly dangerous for our heroes.
I hated the bangs as well!
Now it's WAY better.

I still haven't finish watching SCC... Here in Brazil it's on the 7th episode, I think, but I lost a couple... I'm not crazy about it, really. Just watching 'cause is Summer Glau... and Lena Headey... and Thomas, 'cause he's hot.
Hooray for bangs lossage. Not that I like his character much anyway. The rest of the show, yes, but not him.
I'm so glad for the hair change. His hair was the worst emo hair ever. Totally distracting and completely wrong for the character. Of course they didn't have much choice since Dekker had a role as a cancer patient this last spring and shaved his head completely. You can't grow back those silly bangs overnight. Thank goodness.
Screw all that... Shirley is doing a guest spot! At least she finally has an excuse as to why there has been no announcement about a new album from Garbage... I do miss her, Vig and the boys.
I believe she is doing quite a bit more than just a guest spot.
TV Guide has a small nugget about a character we might see (again) next season: here.

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