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June 29 2008

Best Buy has $16.99 Fox TV on DVD Sale this week. Includes Buffy, Angel, Bones, Firefly, and Tru Calling.

Hope Amazon matches the prices sometime this week.

Circuit City also has Buffy for $16.99.

I picked up some missing X-Files seasons.

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Thanks for posting... I need to buy a couple of extra Firefly DVD sets. My daughter keeps "borrowing" my only set and then "lending" it out to her college friends! She finally brought the set home at the end of this semester, but now says that the disc with "Jaynestown" is not working!!!
It's a shame this sale is "Online Only". Minus S&H, these would be the lowest prices for the Whedonverse this year....
TDBrown, the Best Buy prices are in-store. I just picked up Angel seasons 3-5.
Whoo-hoo! In store prices too!
also many of them have 'free shipping' if you are not near a store.
Your Best Buy or Circuit city may have some of the Full screen Serenity original DVDs with a label on the cover that gives you a free pass to see Incredible Hulk or Wanted or Mummy or Heckboy II at select theaters. I got the dvd and spent 50cents to see Incredible Hulk. I'll find the DVD a good home.

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Wow, Now is finally time to pick up the missing seasons of Buffy that I was waiting to purchase.
The Webpage said "Online Only", so I guess I stand corrected...
and in-line at my local Best Buy to get Buffy Season Six lol.
Thanks for the post, bought a few seasons.
Don't forget The O.C. is also on sale. (Melinda Clarke: Nandi in "Heart of Gold")

I think the webpage stands corrected...not you.
Picked up Buffy Season 7, that completes the collection. Little brother would be proud.
Firefly just went on sale on Amazon for $16.99 as well.

Also, I see that the seasons of Buffy are either $16.99 or $19.99 on Amazon.
i would buy firefly on amazon..but i need tru calling so i might as get both of them at once.
My friend and I went to Best Buy on a whim yesterday - and discovered this awesome deal. She picked up the entire Buffy series plus Firefly for $144. I got seasons 1-3 of The X-Files and season 1 of True Calling (I already had Buffy and Firefly)

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