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June 30 2008

Win a million Alliance credits. Replica 'verse money stuffed into replicas of the money bags from Serenity: Better Days, no less. QMx announces a strange little prize drawing where the grand prizes include that, a Kaylee maquette prototype, and other items.

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They have so many cool bits of merchandise for the show...I've considered buying some a number of times. We'll see. Some of it could be displayed, go on a wall or whatever, but unfortunately a lot of it is cool to look at once or twice and then it goes in a drawer to be forgotten about.

I haven't been big on Whedon-related merchandise (aside from soundtracks) for a long time now, though I did pre-order the Buffy tarot cards because they're beautifully done and some are more than a little effectively creepy.

Contest form filled and printed, will mail later. Doubt I'll buy any Alliance money (despite the cool little quadrant map) just to get another entry.
I did pre-order the Buffy tarot cards

The ones that were just cancelled?
I've printed out my form, and purchased a Money Pack as well. They're great Silent Auction and/or giveaway items (Individually) for Charity Screenings and Shindigs. I've been a loyal customer to QMx because of the high quality of their Merchandise.

-"Spirit Animals" not withstanding. ;)
I love their stuff. Have the posters, wave cards, and a money pack. The last mostly because it made me laugh to 'buy' money.
I love that Money Pack, very cool. Serenity has the best merch.
That Kaylee figure looks great. I much prefer figures like that which try and capture the character instead of figures that go for the realistic look, with varying degrees of success.
I'm goin' work on Jayne's mathematical logic here. "Lets see, a millon times zero deviated by the work we done subtracted by a low life docter traveling with a nut job of a sister. Carry the zero over to nothing...that equals nothing. Mal, are you armed yet?"
I'm really intrigued by the Macquette. They say in the e-mail they sent out that it's a prototype for the "Animated Macquette" they intend to produce.

Note that: Animated!

I wonder... does she twirl that lovely parasol? :)
TDBrown, sorry to say, "animated" refers to the style, not moving parts. But the parasol IS twirlable. :)

I'm SO excited for y'all to see these things in person. When they sent me the first prototypes, it was almost like seeing your brand-new baby for the first time. The sculptors did an amazing job bringing the Little Damn Heroes to life!

Maybe they mean Cartoonish or Animatedish.
Not disappointed... but wouldn't it be cool?
so THIS is where that Kaylee maquette went to! I kept meaning to ask at the CSTS screening but forgot once I got to the theaters.

Though I probably have a better shot at winning her this way than at those auctions. ^_^

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