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June 30 2008

Felicia Day asks for Dr Horrible pimping help. The trailer is up on the official Dr Horrible Youtube channel.

Isn't the idea with this to get the trailer featured on the youtube homepage or something? It'd probably help if the video itself was linked to directly on the homepage of Whedonesque, to help it get hits. I think the other stuff require actually having an account with youtube..
I think just getting people to see the teaser will help make sure they notice the actual show in mid-July. Anyway, I have subscribed, chosen as 'favorite', rated it as a 10, and commented.... So I figure I've done my best.
So where are the t-shirts for sale?!?!
I had to create an account as well. I was signed up once, but You Tube pretended not to know me. Whatever.

Anyhow, direct link: Dr Horrible on You Tube for Everyone to Rate Highly and tag as Favorite!

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"So where are the t-shirts for sale?!?! "

Dr. Horrible said in a twitter
on June 28, 2008 that he is working on the t-shirts. Give him a week.
Youtube Views: 1,966
Vimeo Total 128,000
God! These Dr. Horrible people just want the moon, don't they?! Do this, do that! Well, OKAY... I'm gonna "Sing out, Louise!" :-)
Ooo. WE need to get those numbers up. Let's shoot for a million, people!
Okay. I followed her steps. I feel better now. :)

YouTube new score: 3,404

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