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June 30 2008

How to knit: Mr. Pointy. A pattern for those of you who can knit and whose life isn't complete without your own Mr. Pointy.

The writer is not an ooberfan, as proven by the fact that she's confessed to only having watched 3 of the 6 seasons of Buffy. But still kinda cool to have a pattern for such a thing. Especially if those elusive 7th and 8th seasons come up. :)

This is lovely and makes me want to go knit my own Mr. Pointy.

Tee-hee, it also reminds me of a recent PBS "Doctor Who"-themed telethon where someone had knitted for auction a giant scarf and -- I quote -- "a da-- plush BBC villain." Due to the non-officially-licensed nature of said villain, the announcer couldn't say the 'D' word; it was quite funny. He ended up suggesting that one could conceivably use it as a tea cozy.
Knitting...a stake?!

No, even when I type it, it doesn't make any more sense.
Possibly not the best weapon, but she made it for a baby, so... more sense.
"She owns all 6 series on DVD"...
Yeah, SmileTime, that made me blink and shake my head for a second. Although, this is a mistake coming from a not-really fan, as opposed to some person who claims to be a big fan but writes about Zander, or talks about Captain Mel Reynolds and his crewmate James. And at least she didn't talk about Josh Whedon.

Knitting...a stake?!
No, even when I type it, it doesn't make any more sense.

Ah, but that is the beauty of our 'verse and this site, Cinque! Incongruous things are often of the good and happy place. So a squishy stake for a baby made some sense, at least in a world parallel to one without shrimp.
*fingers twitch and reach for nearest objects resembling knitting kneedles*

I'm really going to have to bookmark this. Of course, I still need to make my own Cunning Hat, but there you have it.

Thanks for sharing!
This is perfect for dusting those pesky puppety vamps that pop up from time to time.
My first thought was: this would work better with crocheting. (Not against vampires though...) But I guess knitted is softer for the lucky baby. :)
It just looks weird for me... and kind of reminds me of something else....

I do have a Jayne's hat, and a Mark's scarf (from RENT)... both of them done by my mom, but I don't think I'll ask her to do a Mr. Pointy.
I've made a Cunning Hat (only it's too scratchy to wear - I sure hope Mrs. Cobb used more comfortable yarn!), but nah, I can't see knitting a Mr. Pointy... it's like knitting a big brown carrot! I do, however, have Mr. Pointy earrings that someone on Etsy made...! :-)
Well, I don't knit but I have more time to browse here at the library than at work, so out of curiosity...but alas pepperknit is considered a pornography site. (Just like the Kitten Board teaches phishing and criminal skills, so also blockeddy-block-block-blocked.)
DCALSO, maybe it's because of the phallic nature of this very project. Do I need to add an NSFW tag to this? ;)

Valerie, how would one crochet this? I know how to do that, even if I can't knit. And lord knows that my life is incomplete without a plush stake... Any tips?
I think this is one of the funniest things I've ever seen - but I mean that in the good way, not the mocking way...

Sunfire, that's exactly what it's perfect for - a sad-but-soft puppety staking. How I yearn to try it out...

I love fan-stuff. If fans can think of it, and it doesn't actually defy physical reality, they will make it.

Ah ha ha ha!

*wipes eyes... one more time.*

" - every man, he added, should have some small matter to which he attaches undue importance, always provided that he realizes the undueness." - James Hilton, Random Harvest

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BandofBuggered, how to crochet Mr. Pointy... Hmmm. Well, I'd start from the wider end. Do a few chain stitches and make it into a tiny circle, then start to make several rows around it with crochet stitches adding them evenly to make it stay round. And once the circle is big enough, I'd stop adding extra stitches and make more rows around the circle so that it starts to look like a tube. Then I'd eventually start decreasing the stitches slowly but evenly - but remembering to make the stake gnarly like in the knitted one by decreasing more stitches from one spot and maybe increasing them from the other side. Then I'd continue decreasing the stitches normally until the stake is long enough and there are no stitches left! Of course the stuffing has to be put in before that. Did this make any sense? It was just from the top of my head...

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