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"Angel's lame! His hair goes straight up, and he's bloody stupid!"
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July 01 2008

Never say die:'s most beloved pop-culture immortals. Angel and Spike feature in this inspired list.

I've never known whether or not these EW photo "lists" are supposed to be in order of awesomeness, but I'll take this one to be so, as Angel and Spike are in the "number one" spot.
But then, South Park's Satan deserves to be much higher on the list. ;-)
Also really good to read an accurate thumbnail description of Spike's character, for once.
Also really good to read an accurate thumbnail description of Spike's character, for once.

Oh lord yes! Yay for a bit of good old fashioned Spangel. *g*
Nice list! And we don't even have to bitch about whether Angel or Spike should have come first.
But did everyone else know that the guy who played Nick Knight was Welsh?
I thought he sounded a little odd because he was Canadian. Huh.
You thought he was Canadian by way of Wales, though, right ;)? It doesn't get a LOT more Welsh sounding than Geraint Wyn Davies.
Isn't this an older list? I'm sure I've seen it posted before, though I couldn't tell you when. Sometime in the past few months.
You might be thinking of this one.
Where the hell is Captain Jack Harkness on that list? Not pleased, to be honest! :)
What no mention of Spike ? ... Hang on ... What no mention of Angel ? ... Shit. Nevermind.

Some of those seemed a bit reachy or at least not that big a part of popular culture (as immortals anyway). Pinhead, for instance seemed a stretch. And the guy from 'New Amsterdam' is "beloved" ? Moreso than e.g. Captain Jack ? Got my doubts.

And yep, Geraint Wyn Davies is a very Welsh name. I actually went to school with a guy called Carwyn Dafydd Trefor Jones which has to be about as Welsh as you can get without popping out the other side ;).

(GWD didn't sound even vaguely Welsh - to me - by the time he turned up in 'Slings and Arrows' though, he just had a sort of placeless "Shakespearean delivery", bit Canadian but maybe more English than anything else. Even if according to IMDB he's actually a US citizen now)
GWD is Canadian, born in Wales. I met his dad when he was chaplain at my college, and BOY is he Welsh. :)
agreed liam mars!
Nice list, BUT... Morpheus should be way higher than that. And I'm not sure the Hugh Jackman character from The Fountain actually IS imortal. I interpretted that film as being more metaphorical and/or imaginary rather than literal.
Hmm, no, I'm pretty sure it was this one (though I remember the chemistry one as well). Because I also remember being horrified at the lack of Captain Jack mentionage. But maybe it was never linked here.

I don't think I will ever grow old of these lists EW seems to give us almost daily. Excellent time-wasters.
/agree Haunt, though I think he is not immortal, but rather reincarnated.
Interestingly enough, the trailing slide linked to this:,,20174698_5,00.html. Sigh. That COULD have been a great line...
wonder if Angel ever met Cartaphilus....
Agreeing about the lack of Captain Jack. Any lack of Captain Jack is nothing less than tragic, IMO. :)

Oh lord yes! Yay for a bit of good old fashioned Spangel. *g*
sueworld2003 | July 01, 14:30 CET

Not exactly what I had in mind sueworld, but it is a ship we can talk about without dire consequences ensuing. ;-)

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