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July 01 2008

Could Our Mrs. Reynolds make it to the Emmys? Two weeks before the final list of Emmy nominees are chosen, Christina Hendricks is in the running for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama for her work on Mad Men. It could be a tough fight to reach the final five, but let's hope the Emmys will get a chance to salute the sassy secretary Joan Holloway.

By the way, Mad Men is now available on DVD starting today. Season 2 starts July 27th.

OMG puh-lease let that happen! She is so ridonkulously, stunningly good on that show.

Nobody does voluptuous conniving redhead sexbomb like Hendricks.

I don't believe that Yo-Saf-Bridge is a strong contender. She is marvelous on Mad Men, but not very noticeable compared to the standout, stunning work by Jon Hamm, Elisabeth Moss, and John Slattery. I'm not saying that's just, but I think it's a good assessment of how the voting is going to go.
I agree.. I found her forgettable in the first couple episodes. She came on strong in the second half of the season though. To me, the star of the show is Jon Hamm. He plays an excellent character as well.
It could be a tough fight to reach the final five...

Anyone else besides me going to make the obvious BSG joke here? ;)

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