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July 01 2008

Second webisode of Border Patrol co-staring Tom Lenk is up @ A comedy series about three men who spend their weekends in lawn chairs waiting for action at the US-Mexico border.

The pilot episode can be found here and the site says that a new episode will be posted every Monday. Funny stuff!

*First time posting, and I can't seem to get the second link to work. Help?

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This is thoroughly exciting. I love Border Patrol. Tom is a genius =)
Not as exciting as the first episode, but still had it's moments. Viva la Tom! Or something...
I haven't watched the first one yet, but this was good. Tom is is always a sincere hoot when he's all whiney and complain-y. From swimmer's ear to his toys being destroyed, Tom's pain is our enjoyment. Sad, really, but there it is. (And everyone else was quite good - it's just that I kept looking out for Our Tom.)

Best production detail ever: Elmer's-gluing the broken glass to the top of the border fence. (And did all of you already know that Elmer the Bull was married to Elsie the Cow? I sure as sh*t didn't, and now I feel like such a fool.)
Wow. Now I want Elmer's glue. :) Poor plane.
I fear Tom is getting a bit typecast... but I'm also afraid that if he's ever cast as anything else, the world will be a poorer place.

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