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July 01 2008

Jane Espenson to write next Battlestar Galactica tv movie. Well that's what Galactica Sitrep says.

I heard somewhere that they're getting these TV movies done pretty soon because they can't keep the sets up indefinitely, and after the sets are dismantled it'll be impractical to do any further movies. In any case, I'm looking forward to them even more now -- Razor was great.
I'm still wondering why we have to wait until Jan 2009 to resume new BSG episodes. Evidently NBC, SciFi's parent company, is afraid BSG will eat into football and basketball on the parent network.

Umm, do they even know what "demographics" is?

Most of the people who stay home and watch science-fiction on a Friday night aren't exactly sports lovers. I mean, sure, there is probably some crossover, but not enough to skew any numbers. The vast majority are single geeks, geek families or geek friends. Coloring broadly, we're the brains behind society, the people who invent things. Once upon a time we were beaten up by the sweaty jocks and their pointless aggressions. We're not exactly fans in later life. :)
Omgosh..omgosh..omgosh.....Jane equals greatness. I hope this comes to pass. I will be ALL over it.
Yay Jane, but really - Razor was narratively redundant. Sure there was that new character we'd never met before, but given her fate... what was the point of meeting her? And everything in Razor (apart from that character) was stuff we already knew. And the one thing we learned - the prophecy of Kara Thrace - was learned early in Season Four anyway. Oh, well.

(Well, actually, the highlight of Razor was the flashbacks to Young Adama and the First Cylon War, but even that wasn't all that important to Razor - as witnessed by the SciFi cut where it barely appeared.)

I can't wait for the rest of Season Four - but anything else I eye skeptically. There is too much of a good thing - or, to be a pessimist, so much of a good thing it turns bad.

But still, it is Jane - so the outlook is decidedly un-gloomy on that account!
YAY JANE! I'll look forward to this. This is especially heartening since I saw a link yesterday implying that the movies were just a rumor.

And quantumac, I like football :)
I watch football, basketball, baseball and I stay home on Friday night to watch the Scifi channel. And then I further complicate everyone's demographics by being female.
Those females. Always complicating our demographics.
"Razor was narratively redundant"

I don't know.. I think it was fairly essential for the understanding of Cain's character, admittedly not that big a deal in the overall arch, but interesting nevertheless. It might not have furthered the story per se, but it helped put what had happened into a better context (we never knew what the Pegasus was really like before we met it).

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This is incorrect. We had David Weddle on SyFy Radio a couple weeks ago (which we shared details of on SyFy Portal just this past week), and Weddle made it clear that the first (if there is more than one movie) will be written by Bradley Thompson and himself. This information is errant, and we have it confirmed (not from a source).
There was some very interesting stuff in Razor that I had never seen or known before.

I liked it.
To further muddy the demographics pool, here's another basketball-loving Whedonesquer. And female, at that. The live-alone geeky aspect likely applies as well.

Or maybe I just really enjoy watching those sweaty, athletic bodies in physical--nevermind.

As far as the films go, I liked Razor well enough. The potential for superior work is certainly there. Razor was okay, but maybe I cared less for Cain since she was dead and all.
@SyFyMichael and everyone else: Sitrep has a solid source on this. We have more updated info than what you've recently published, Michael.
Good News! I love both JE and BSG, how could any warm blooded mammal not?

I'm trying to avoid being spoiled for anything past the end of season two at the moment, as I plan to buy all the DVD sets and watch them over a couple of weekends. Australian "free to air" TV is incredibly hostile to Sci-Fi, so It's pretty much my only option.
I have contacts made to both David Weddle and to Eddie Olmos to corroborate this story. I'll let you know if there is something that needs to be updated.

David Weddle shared this information just two weeks ago, and the initial word I am getting from Eddie's people is that he is not scheduled to direct a telemovie. But let me hear from them directly and get back to you.
Well I love sci-fi and sports so what label do I fit under?
I don't know.. I think it was fairly essential for the understanding of Cain's character, admittedly not that big a deal in the overall arch, but interesting nevertheless.

Apologies, we did learn that she was gay for Gina - which told us what exactly? Instead of being insane from the start, she was an insane lesbian - which is (as we all know) not a great stereotype to build a character around.

Apart from that, everything she does in Razor we already knew she did.
I wouldn't call her insane, Gina was teh hotzor, yo !

... you mean cos of the other stuff don't you ? *is sheepish*

'Razor' wasn't bad and though it was strictly unnecessary from a story perspective it added some nice character stuff (though they can't really have it inform the post 'Razor' performances since in the show's chronology, their characters should already have been changed by those events for the whole of season 3 - so again, it doesn't really add much narratively or from a visible character perspective, just fills in a few holes). It's kind of like a bar of chocolate - you enjoy it at the time but its long term effects are fairly negligible.

That said, this is the first i've heard of further TVMs so colour me happy, one of the surprised shades (Jane writing it would be gravy but just the fact of its existence gives me fuzzies).
This still seems to be "officially" unconfirmed, but I so hope it's true.
Yay to more BSG in any form, but especially from Jane.

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