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July 01 2008

QMx presents Little Damn Heroes. QMx has officially announced the Little Damn Heroes line of maquettes, to be released as limited edition runs of 1,500. First up: Kaylee.

I've been waiting for these...

Sweet! Although I've already got the Mal... :)

Now to figure out how to "borrow" the River prototype that Dwight got at the OC screening.

I've been looking forward to these as well. They are very cool, and the LDH's are very popular.

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She's adorable.
They've arranged for Jewel Staite to sign 500 of them too, and those versions are being sold for $80. I'll definitely be trying to get one.

(Edited to change my atrocious grammar. Hope no one noticed that. :D)

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So wait, Mal already came out? Am I too late for one already?
SOMEBODY got the artist proof Mal maquette at an auction at the Can't Stop the Serenity screening, depriving the rest of us. But I don't take it personally. Really.
But I don't take it personally. Really.

Well maybe you should, I only bid on it to make sure you didn't get it. Doesn't matter that you were on the other side of the country. From here on out, I can proudly claim I kept that Bridges guy from owning a Mal prototype. :)
My first thought: "Oh, that's cute!"

My second: "Could I get it as a plushie?" :)
I die of the cuteness...and clear off a space on my shelf!
This is adorable, but the one I STILL want is the one of director, Joss Whedon. I would pay double for that one!

Maybe they could make one of that doctor fella from the River Tam sessions. You know the guy who gave River his pen...

1500 + 500 signature NOT enough.


So did you email QMX with your idea!!!

| July 02, 00:53 CET
So, I know as the artist, I'm supposed to be all cool and aloof when people talk about my work, but lemme tell you, I am more excited about the Little Damn Hero maquettes than any other project I've worked on to date. I mean, seriously, when I saw them for the first time, I was positively giddy. I think there may have been bouncing. They far and away exceeded my expectations. I think you guys will really, really enjoy them! (And I hope you buy lots so they let me make more!) :D
And will you push them for the Joss? Please, Lexi??? I'm with embers on this.
We'd be *thrilled*, not to mention honored, to do an animated maquette of Joss. Only thing we'd need his permission to do so. But if we had that, I think I know a certain artist who already has a design we could use, right, Adam? ;-)
That's the one we're thinking of! So, go ask, QMx Andy!
This is the cutest thing ever (well, okay, almost; it does have to compete with the actual Jewel). I need to have these.

But $49.95 for only 4.5 inches of cuteness...ouch. Looks like I'll have to be saving up.

And then Casira had to go and mention the plush, and now all I'm thinking about is the fantasy of a "Big Damn Serenibabies" line all crowded together at the head of my bed...

Oh, hey, in addition to the Lil' Joss, you guys should totally make an ultra-cute playset of Serenity herself.
That's too cool. I may have to hold out for River. $50 isn't too bad a price compared to a lot of the busts and statues out there.
Oh, that's a great idea, unplugged! I would definitely buy a little damn ship.

I have to buy the Kaylee one and I will probably buy River too. And the Wash one...and, and... Geez, Lexigeek, it would a lot better for my savings account if you could just stink as an artist instead of being so terrific. The nerve.
I don't *collect* and yet I find myself drawn to these. :( I don't know where to go broke: food for the week, or a cute Little Damn Hero of Kaylee? Well, I guess there's always that canned fish in the back of my cabinet...
Geez, Lexigeek, it would a lot better for my savings account if you could just stink as an artist instead of being so terrific. The nerve.

I could set up direct deposit for you, if that would be easier. ;)
Good job, lexigeek. She's very shiny. :)

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