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"That man is playing Galaga! Thought we wouldn't notice. But we did."
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July 02 2008

'The Cabin In The Woods' isn't dead...'s just pining for the fjords. No, seriously, Drew Goddard tells Ain't It Cool News at the Saturn Awards that "we'll get some exciting news about that much sooner than later".

It's down in the "tidbits" section towards the end of the article, 5th item down.

It's not clear to me from their wording if Goddard told them that, or if it's just something AICN is saying, and mentioning it there because they were talking about Goddard.
It reads to me as if the article author is just expressing a hope rather than relaying information. The other snippets with actual quotes have, y'know, actual quote marks around the relevant passages.

Issa thready gunna dieee ?
That's how I read it too. The author hopes to hear something rather than having heard the DG hopes to hear something...or something.
I think the Whedonesque category will be called 'Cabin'.
Yeah I wasn't suggesting that AICN did not actually know something. (Hints have been dropped for weeks here on w'esque, anyway.) I was just saying that the way they wrote it does not in fact make it clear whether it was "we know something" or "he told us something", despite the wording of the post here.

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I think it's going to happen.

ETA: Since we are speculating. I know nothing but hope muchly.

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Well judging by the website, it has "what lies beneath" feel about it.
Good to hear and nice site, Simon :).
My most favorite natural area in North America! I'm not sure how I feel about an implied connection to horror. ;)
But why can't it be this one instead? (Actually, this is just because I've heard people say "A" and I've heard people say "The".)
Ask anyone. Tennessee is quantifiably more horrible than North Carolina. It's a fact!

Also also: QuoterGal is very wrong.

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Hee. I've never been to either state. I just said that to start a fight... um, in honor of dreamlogic's birthday.

BTW, I think CITW is the "movie" part of Joss' recent "see you at the movies" - so, yeah. News may well be a'coming.
Simon, that website is giving me the serious creeps. If the movie is half as terrifying as that site, then wow. DON'T CLICK ON THE AMENITIES PAGE!

Other items in the tidbits section had the "stuff that's upcoming" vibe, so I kind of felt like that was the reason why CABIN was brought up, rather than any of Drew's other projects. He apparently briefly spoke to DG (therefore the "Drew is a really nice guy" part), so maybe he mentioned something about it?

Maybe if the DR HORRIBLE experiment proves financially successful, something in the same vein will be done with CABIN as well. I mean, if we're going to speculate and all.
Did anyone else notice Summer thanking Joss as well as Josh Friedman when she got her award? How sweet is that?
QuoterGal, Kids In The Hall fan, by any chance?

TamaraC, that was really awesome of Summer to mention Joss in her acceptance speech, and give a brief mention to Firefly & Serenity as well.

Now, what I'm really looking forward to is the next Saturn awards, because if those people think the TERMINATOR show is good, wait'll they get a load of DOLLHOUSE.
The best thing about Cabin In The Woods is that it should be happening, the script is apparently great and... wait for it... I'm not making the website for it! Bliss.
Speaking of which, what happened to
Ya know, the Saturn Awards ceremony seems like a lot more fun than the Oscars!
So Joss co-wrote it, and there was speculation about him directing it too.. is there any reason to think that's changed?
Just that it's been a year without news and both of them seem to have other stuff on the go.

But no news is good news as they say. Unless they're journalists.
Would that be "to parts" or not to parts?
I really hope we get some updates on both "Cabin in the Woods" AND the much-troubled "Goners" much sooner than later! I for one am a bit more excited about Jossy's potential big screen future versus any other avenue of creative interest simply because directorially-speaking, it's the place he's had the least amount of experience and/or work.

Way past time for Hollywood and Co. to wake up and realize the countless wasted opportunities they're having by not employing the Whedoner.
Lived entire life in Tennessee. Barring politics and religion, pretty fond of it.
So has a small quote from Drew about this movie here.

Is this just info old and they posted it as new?
It's new info taken from the recent MTV article which was recently posted here somewhere. (So, new info, but not new to w'esque, although not previously mentioned in this thread.)
Would that be "to parts" or not to parts?

This thread is still going? barboo, I don't understand the question. If it was a clever joke, please forgive my density.

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