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"'How have you been?' 'Rat. You?' 'Dead.' 'Oh.'"
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July 02 2008

Firefly gets name checked on the wonderful (unseen) Skins. It's a meatball.

This has been up for ages, but I don't think anyone's linked it. 'Bout three minutes in. Some rude words at the end.

The Skins writers are good lads. They watch eps of Buffy in the background of the writing offices.
Oh this is so sweet, and I love that asking if she has heard of Firefly is one of his conversational gambits.
Of course.
She says no - dump 'er.
embers? Isn't that your conversational opener? *G*
I shouldn't be surprised. Skins is such a brilliant show. Figures the writers would be Whedon fans.
Ehehehe I love it when my various obsesions colide into eachother. Oh Anwar....
ZodKneelsFirst - How could you?! She says no, you loan her the first DVD and she'll be grateful for life. ;)

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