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July 03 2008 Interviews Brian K. Vaughan. In a video interview Brian talks about the Runaways movie, working with Joss, Buffy Season 8, his experience as a writer for LOST and much more.

The first part of the interview is here.

Nightmarish, but in a good way.
I loved his Buffy arc. I hope he is entirely joking about it being stressful and not just a high standard to live up to, though.

ETA: Their page navigation hurts me.

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To be honest, the interviewer kinda irked me. I think it was a combination of the notes that looked like they were written on a napkin or a crumpled up piece of looseleaf, and the way he talked about Runaways, which sort of made me think he didn't really know too much about it. Perhaps except that Joss had written for it.
Yeah, I loved BKV (of course), and was irked by the interviewer. Loved how BKV deflected the sticky bits with humor and grace. He's one of a kind. Just finished Y (how did I hold out for the last TPB?).
"What amount of leniency do you have"? It's nice when an interviewer who has notes prepared is able to be at least quasi-articulate.

Re: stressful. He was obviously hyperbolizing here (to great dramatic effect), but BKV did say at Y:The Last Party that writing his 4 issue-arc on BtVS S8 was harder than writing the entirety of Y. Which I can well understand.
So incredibly talented. I know comics are his thing but I would really love to see BKV run his own show and personally I think that a Runaways series would be excellent. His LOST episodes written with Drew have been consistently amazing and it would be great to see if one of his original visions can translate to the screen.
I'd love a Runaways cartoon series (Teen-rated like the comic I guess, not completely aimed at children), but I don't wanna see it as a live-action show. I wish non-childish cartoons in North America were more of a possibility and less just wishful thinking. It seems like you can only get away with it in comedy (not that I haven't really liked both Futurama films so far, but that's it the last few years for quasi-mature animation).

Cautiously optimistic about the Runaways film, hope Vaughan's script doesn't get doctored beyond necessary and his vision makes it through. The first 18 issues (the entirety of Volume 1) would make a great movie.

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