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July 04 2008

'Tooned Up' Faith. Electric Tiki shows off their latest Buffyverse design.

How cute! But once again makes me wish the cartoon hadn't fallen through. It would've been so neat to see everyone in animated adventure fun.

Faith is spot on I think. A little evil smile going on, and totally kicking someone's (something's?) ass, clearly. Bravo Electric Tiki.

I also love the Lara Croft concept on the artist's blog. Her other sketches are adorable as well.
I wasn't particularly fond of the designs on Buffy or Willow from this line, but that Faith one is pretty cool. Or at least the design one. Hard to say how it'll turn out in real life.

Some of those other designs are pretty nice too. I really like the Spike designs, particularly the one with the duster one. The Caleb one's also nice.

I'd like to see their take on some more characters: Angel, Xander, and Giles all spring to mind. And Tara would be awesome, I predict.
I loved the Buffy design and the Faith design is just as cute! I'm not crazy about the Willow one, but what can you do. I am so much more inclined to purchase something like this rather than a figure that is actual attempting to look like an actor or actress. 'Cause they are usually ugly.
How cute! I just love that evil grin on Faith's face since that is so her.
I love this one (and all the others) - Tiki is doing great capturing the essence of our favorite Buffy characters.
Cute. I like this style a lot.
This made my weekend. Love Buffy, can't wait for Willow, and now I have Faith to look forward to next year (hopefully)!
That looks really neat. I don't have the Buffy one yet but I've pre-ordered the Willow one. I cannot wait to get my hands on Faith's next year!
That looks great, very much like Faith. Spike and Caleb look cool as well.
Maybe it's because I'm not the age that this is being marketed at, but I really don't get this range.

I mean why would I want to buy a statue of some blond haired women holding a pool cue? They say they aren't meant to carry a resemblance to their real life counterparts, but whats the point of that? Shouldn't they at least look more like the characters in question?

Just because they're meant to be cartoon versions shouldn't mean a likeness doesn't need to be in there somewhere.

After saying that the Faith one is fairly nice (god knows how those legs are going to translate into 3D though). For some reason I think that the artwork has a nicer feel to it when it's in it's raw form then when they're turned into sculptures.

I personally think that the Caleb works the best out of the lot. The Spike is okay, but a vampface covers a multitude of sins If you know what I mean, but the drawings of him in human face bore more of a resemblance to Herman Munster then Spike I'm afraid.

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@sueworld2003 - It appeals to people who have fallen in love with the characters themselves, not the actors. To me Xander isn't just Nick Brendon - he's Xander. Buffy isn't SMG, she's Buffy. And Faith isn't Eliza. They're characters that can transcend the actor/actress' likeness.

Which is also probably why I didn't go hay-wire when the comics came out and the eye colors were wrong.
Blimey, Oh well 'horses for courses eh?

For me personally half of what made the characters what they were came from the actors input.

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