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July 05 2008

James Marsters posts cast and crew picture from Moonshot. Nice update and message from James on his official site.

James seems to have enjoyed his latest project and is looking forward to Dragoncon. Sounds like he has a busy schedule ahead of him too.

Really looking forward to this program. Whom would have figured that James would be the perfect actor to fill those shoes. To the stars, my friend!
I'm guessing that's James front & center in the blue (suit?). Looks like his posture. If that is him, I'm surprised to see he has hair! I thought for sure he'd get the "buzz" for this role.

Of course if anyone can blow this up further for us luddites, it would be appreciated!
Yeah, that's him just left of center (as you look at it) in matching jeans and jacket. I wonder what he is up to next...besides Dragon Con, I mean.
It's " Spot the James"

And this just in by email from JMLive

"It's summer for most of us and we know that not everybody is hanging over the Internet checking their favourite sites daily - so we thought we'd send an email to let you know there's a new James-y message and photo up on The message is reproduced below, but because we're evil (plus, technologically challenged) we're going to make you go to the site to look at the picture - it's the cast of Moonshot. See how long it takes you to spot James."
I think I love movies ABOUT the space program more than I love the actual idea of astronauts, starting with my first viewing of "The Right Stuff" at age 10. I'm really excited to see this take on one of the most famous historical markers. Having JM in it is just icing on the cake!
Definitely James in blue just left of centre. It doesn't blow up very well, but it's definitely his posture and face shape. The hair's short, but not quite the full buzz cut. Can't say I'm sorry.
I am looking forward to this. :)

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