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July 06 2008

Boston Herald's business section reports on success of Serenity screening at Brookline's independent Coolidge Corner Theater.

Said the theater's program manager, "[I]t totally sold out our biggest theater downstairs.”

Great article. Blockbuster! Whoo-hoo!
Wonderful article. And a large city newspaper with a lot of readership, too. That's the best kind of press!

Did it actually show up on paper too?
My lucky nephew and his girlfriend went to this showing. My daughter's graduation party was that weekend so I couldn't go. He knew I'd understand completely why he missed the party!
That's it.
had a great time at the Saturday viewing- we had tshirts-mudders milk mugs-jewlery for sale We had entertainment. We had raffle winners and oh yeah we had the BDM
Hope nobody thinks that George, the Coolidge Programmer, is a hater with “The first time we did it, my expectations were kind of low,” quote. It wasn't because of the quality of the movie, but because for that first year it was hard to judge if people would come back for a midnight so soon after the theatrical release. Of course Can't Stop the Serenity has proven that to not be the case at all!

George is also a huge Buffy and Firefly/Serenity fan. In fact, he was the one who finally made me watch Firefly after the DVD came out. I was being stubborn for some reason because of my love for Buffy - but boy was he ever right. Best single season of a TV show ever.

By the way, did anyone come to the Coolidge the weekend before Serenity was released to attend the Firefly marathon. It was overnight and we served Chinese food. Those were some good times.

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