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"How's it sit? Pretty cunning, don'tchya think?"
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July 07 2008

"Doctor Horrible... is your typical internet, superhero musical". Part one of Prodigeek's fab interview with Joss Whedon.

The DVD extras should include Maurissa's last name pronounced out loud.
From the sounds of it, this will be my favorite internet superhero musical ever!
All this music and singing talk has got me all het up. I predict breakaway pop hits all 'round. (And Joss and I share this dorkdom - I memorized musicals as they came out - I could do and frequently did every bloody word of the Evita Broadway album, which did not, as you can imagine, endear me either to my co-workers or my roommates at the time... and I've been singing Candide endlessly for about two weeks now...)

"You can have a whole journey and you donít have to write 120 pages and wait for a studio to sign off on it, develop it, and ruin it."

Ahhhh. Ouch.

"Jeb is enormously talented and probably has a slightly wider pallet than I do."

He probably needs it to haul around his musical talent. And is "Jeb" short for "Jed"?

(Sorry - just jossing the writer...)
Joss always does the very best interviews. Can't wait to hear the songs!
It's about 40 minutes??? I was under the impression that each episode was about 20 minutes long. Ah well.
Wheeee! This'll be incre - wait for it - dary! No. Wait. That's wrong.
We don't have long to go now! :D

I imagine I will be importing the DVD before it arrives in the UK also...
So, is "pallet" supposed to be a euphemism for ass? Or does Jed truly have a wider bed made of straw, or wooden platform?

Or perhaps that should be "palette" ;)

(Unless it's "palate", and he has a big mouth. Hmm.)
Did anyone else click on the Best Prodigeek Musicals? I have to admit, it's a tough call between OMWF and the Southpark movie, but I would have reversed the order and put OMWF at #1.
Such is my BtS love. And of course, my Joss love :)
Wow, that is a tough call. But at least it's OMWF and South Park as the top two.
Sigh, silly Joss, Dr. Horrible was not shot on DV, which is a standard definition media. It was shot on HDCam, a High Definition media.

Man, that guy can't get anything right!

In a world where the average joe doesn't realize there's a (enormous) difference between film and video, I'm sure the above distinction goes largely apathized (I think I just made up a word: Apathized - Having been actively uncared about)
I'm not sure what he means about the brothers going to war. Is he talking about Fringe & Dollhouse? ???

Someone connect the dots, please.
I'm not sure what he means about the brothers going to war.

They're the new Brothers Karamazov only funnier.
I'm not sure what he means about the brothers going to war.

He went from what seemed to me a goofy comment about working together with family, alluding to conflict, to a full-out U.S. Civil War reference. I think it was all very tongue in cheek.
Yes, very North and South of him... it made me laugh, but I'm easy that way.

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