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July 07 2008

Thor is better than Buffy? RedEye, a Chicago Tribune blog, asks who is the best superhero ever: Thor, or Buffy. As of this post, Thor is winning.

To be clear, I believe this is part of an ongoing tournament of voting, which eventually will end with a single winner. This appears to be part of Round One (Kevin Smith Region), which ends this Friday.

As of this post, Thor is winning.

I bet that's about to change.
As of this post, Thor is winning.

Well I hope Buffy isn't Thor about it.
ba dum dum.

Finally a super-hero i'm not invested in/know nothing about so I can just blindly say Buffy would win.
Buffy never nicknamed her stake "Mr. Pointy." Kendra did that, and gave her the stake...

Check your facts, Chicago Tribune!

(Too much time on my hands? Me?)
Thirty minutes later and Thor is still winning? Where is the mighty fandango power of the w'esque?
Are these regions supposed to be anything but random? Because Spider-Man, Buffy, and Kitty should be in the same region.

Where is the mighty fandango power of the w'esque?

It's a bit after 5 pm EDT.
Voted Buffy (duh), though I'm slightly upset they put her up against Thor. I mean...he's a god-like character...from a completely different genre....where did they come up with him for this vs poll? Not much sense. And to streetartist, I was thinking the same thing about the stake.
I think they may be cheating by Thor being considered the better super-hero by more people.

Bloody vikings. In my day there'd have been more FATAL STABbing. Also fields.
Check your facts, Chicago Tribune!

Not to mention, only ONE of her romantic relationships ended with her lover becoming her mortal enemy, and anyway that wasn't how it ended, that was more how it middled.
And in fairness, it was the same one that had the paramour being killed and then leaving so I reckon it should only count once.
Voted Buffy. Thor? Are you kidding me?!?! People come on!
I never got into Thor. I always got into all the other superheroes and tried to get into Thor but after reading a couple issues I was bored.

So I voted for the Buffster obviously.
I think a boatload of people are misreading the question as "who is the stronger superhero", ie "who would win in a fight". (Although personally, my money would still be on Buffy if such a bout were ever to arise. Well, best of three, at least.)
The way I see it, Thor is a god; And compared to other gods that come to mind, he's a weakling.
Also everytime I think 'Thor' I think of 'Thor' from Stargate SG-1, and it gets a bit confusing haha. Anyways if that were the 'Thor' they were talking about then maybe just maybe Buffy might not have a chance.
Beam her into space. End of Buffy. Except that Thor's too enlightened to do that.

(course, as daylight points out, it's not who'd win a fight, it's the much more nebulous who's "better", whatever that even means. Best hat ? Most Norse ? Most Alluringly Booted ?)
Well, I just voted (ok, ok, for the third time) but Buffy is still over 400 votes behind. In regards to the contest, it is about comic book characters (I was originally directed to the site by Dark Horse over at Myspace)...and Dark Horse is at a distinct disadvantage in such a contest!
I voted and even commented...I find all of these polls pretty fun. Obviously, anyone can beat anyone given the proper circumstances. Buffy would easily separate Mjolnir from Thor's mortal alter ego. Then she would by chance tap the stick on the ground and BOOM Buffy-Thor! (Hey it happened to Beta Ray Bill, right?)

As long as the polls are just for fun, maybe they should put out a poll called, "story telling death-match." They could pit Joss against someone like JJ Abrams. Or better yet, Joss vs. Shakespeare. Joss vs. Maya Angelou. Joss vs. Warhol. Dare I say it? Joss vs. Chuck Norris. (Despite Joss' steel-death-grip, CN is probably the only real-life superhero that could take Joss. IMO.)
Your "what would Dandelion do" tag cracks me up bix. There's an improved t-shirt craze, WWDD. After contemplating what path Dandelion would want me to take (which I do before every decision I make), I voted Buffy.
Who is better?

They both have great hair, but Buffy wins on wardrobe points. Thor wears the same old, same old. Gotta go with Buffy.
It's not a case of who would win in a fight between, it's a case of who is the better superhero. So of the supervillians that Buffy has faced how many are still alive and still evil? Same question for Thor. Case closed.
To me, Thor isn't a superhero, he's a god. And gods are gods, not superheros. A superhero can be half-god (like Hercules), but full gods need to be in their own category. So I voted Buffy. But I post on Whedonesque, so I would probably have voted Buffy against anyone.

And Stargate Thor? Would have made it a tougher vote for me. Stargate Thor was adorable. I wanted one of my own.
The Red Eye has always been pro-Joss. They did a full cover story on "Serenity" the day it came out in theaters. Since it is free in the city, the readership is pretty huge.

Sadly, though, not big enough . . .

Guys, we have to look at the parallels. We've already mentioned the hair factor. Buffy has blonde locks. So does Thor. Weapons-wise: Buffy has a Scythe that's not really a scythe. Thor has a Hammer that's not your average hammer. There was that god-hammer that Anya's old flame left behind, and Buffy used it to knock the beejeepers out of Glory. Buffy and Thor, separated at birth? Think about it.
Buffy is gaining!

Some of the comments are hilarious. There is one though by a Jake or whatever saying, "Buffy slays vampires, what does that tell you?" or something. Definitely someone who has never seen an episode.
I believe it tells us that she slays vampires. Perhaps I'm missing something.
They're apparently not checking addresses, if anybody wants to vote again. I remember liking Thor when he was on the Saturday morning cartoons when I was a child, but I liked a lot of things then that I'm not going to defend now.
Marvel's Thor was such a pompous yutz. I think I O.D.'d on that comic somewhere around 1964. Plus, as soon as he took that ridiculous wide-legged stance to swing Mjölnir around his head, the Buffster would, y'know, totally just crush his orbs and send him crying back to All-Daddy...
Buffy wins in terms of personal sacrifice and valor. Thor's got the giant superhero-y deeds and stuff going on but Buffy's got the bigger heart. I can see arguments for both but Buffy's got my vote.

In any case, I wouldn't take this poll too seriously. Any "Vs" poll that has Wonder Woman being beaten by frickin' Spawn is automatically flawed and suspect.
Thor is still winning. This is simply unacceptable.
Never read a single Thor Comic, go Buff. Still have to give one vote to Thor for every mention of how bad Vikings are, why ? cause I'm slightly stubborn :)
Dang, folks, the percentages haven't changed at all since yesterday! Where's the power of Whedonesque? Beaten by a bunch of Thor fans? How low the mighty have fallen.
I love it, it's good to be humbled every now and then ;).
Well, sure... but by Thor? Dandelion will be so disappointed in us.
They both have great hair, but Buffy wins on wardrobe points. Thor wears the same old, same old. Gotta go with Buffy.

I don't recall his lines being very snappy either. She would totally outpun him.
This made me laugh for some reason...

7607 total responses (Results not scientific)

Can't believe we need over 500 votes to beat a god who wears a cape. (now if he was wearing leather or a toga... *sighs*)

[ edited by Mirage on 2008-07-08 17:16 ]
I'm surprised Buffy hasn't gained either :( What the hell!! Everyone but vote vote vote and delete cookies and vote!
I've come up with an explanation: Buffy fans are generally more well-rounded individuals and so are relatively, comparatively busy and can't sit around voting over and over and over all day.

Whereas fans of Thor, well....
I voted 3 times. I think we just have to face that Thor is special. To many people. Who are not us.
I refuse to believe that.
To people who read that newspaper site, yeah, it's so. Even when we combine our fan powers against them. Look at it this way: Buffy became an icon is because she undermined people's expectations. She was exactly what people did not expect in a hero, and exactly what many of us needed in one. This kind of thing is sort of like an acid test for continued relevance. I expect her to do very well in many online polls directed at a SFF audience because Whedon fans are pretty present and hardcore in that space. But on a newspaper site? Against a male hero lots of adults grew up with? Where probably more traditional audiences are concerned? She's still not what most people expect, but she is doing pretty well. Being on the list is actually the significant thing here-- she seems to be the only character new to comics and original to tv to have made the list. The other characters are mostly pretty established in comic canon, and only a few of them are as recent as the 1990s. She's a character from a late 90s tv show, and she's on the same list as mostly male characters from comics going back to the 30s.

As of right now, among the women who are competing against men, Wonder Woman has a tiny lead and Buffy's doing well but not winning. Elektra and Phoenix aren't doing so well. Kitty's got a huge lead over Catwoman, which I think is awesome in and of itself since I would dearly love to see more characters like Kitty.

In other news, Aquaman is losing terribly and that makes me sad. I am going to go stuff the ballot for him a little.
Nope. Sorry. I refuse to believe anyone feels that Thor is "special". Nope.

Nope. Nope.
Um, ok. Possibly the ballot is indeed stuffed in his favor, but not by anyone who thinks he's pretty great. Maybe his biggest fan is a robot. An evil robot. Who hates Buffy.
There's only about 1.4% difference now anyway. The specialness is roughly equal. :D
.5% when I voted. Which was just now. And then a "now" just after that. And another "now" right after that one.
Buffy is now leading. And my hands hurt. I could use some help here!!
b!X, I concede. No power in the verse can stop us.
*nods impressed* Heh, less than a day later and Buffy is in the lead. Let us not jinx this *looks the other way and yawns*

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