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July 07 2008

Neil Patrick Harris parodies Doogie Howser for Old Spice. Yeah, I know it's a commercial... but it's so very funny!

Hee. I'm glad NPH has become part of the Whedon family.
I knew he'd fit right in! He's got that... what d'ya callit? Oh yeah. Comedy chops.
Damn it he is sexy.
Yes, Neil Patrick Harris is getting sexier by the minute (I can't wait to see him singing as Doctor Horrible!).
That's pretty great! It's like those awesome Bruce Campbell ones.
Yeah, he's hot. I could totally see Nathan doing this just as well.

Love Bruce Campbell!
I saw this on TV tonight! Absolutely hilarious.

And Bruce Campbell does Old Spice commercials?!
That made me laugh out loud. Awesome!
There is also a print ad that I saw in Entertainment Weekly with NPH. What surprised me about both is that Anthony Stewart Head is the patient on the table! Did he team up with him for the Joss connection?
It's a great commerical. :)
I love the new take the commercials are doing. These are something I'd watch. For fun. :)

ETA: I just watched the commercial again and that doesn't look like ASH.

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Here is a link to a blog featuring the print ad. I think that the patient looks like Anthony Stewart Head, but I could be completely crazy.
I kind of see it, Radaar, but I'm not sure with the eyes.
I see the resemblance between the patient and Anthony Head. Good eye Radaar, I probably would've never have noticed.
That commercial is awesome.

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