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July 07 2008

Dr. Horrible to play at Comic-Con. The not-yet-linked schedule for Friday at Comic-Con (shades of finding the Captain Hammer comic early!) indicates that in addition to the daytime panel, the musical itself will screen Friday night.

[Note: Link now down, but Galactica Sitrep has provided downloadable pdfs (scroll down).]

1:30-2:30 Joss Whedon— Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and the writers and cast of his new short film, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, will show never-before-seen clips while Joss also discusses Buffy Season Eight, the Fray crossover, and the upcoming Serenity comic focusing on Shepherd Book. Ballroom 20

10:45-12:00 Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog— The story of a low-rent supervillain (Neil Patrick Harris as Dr. Horrible), the hero who keeps beating him up (Nathan Fillion as Captain Hammer), and the cute girl from the laundromat he's too shy to talk to (Felicia Day as Penny). This musical in three parts, created for the Internet and written by Joss Whedon, Jed Whedon, Zack Whedon, and Maurissa Tancharoen, premieres in its entirety on the big screen at Comic-Con. Room 6B

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...And I'm jealous.
Argh, Friday's schedule is a fustercluck. Watchmen goes right up to when Joss' panel starts, and Joss' panel conflicts with the showrunners panel.

ETA that Friday is also Robot Chicken day.

6:15-7:00 [adult swim]’s Robot Chicken— Seth Green and Matthew Senreich (creators/executive producers) speak about [adult swim]’s original series Robot Chicken. In its third season, the network’s Emmy-winning stop-motion and animation show known for its pop culture commentary has just released the episode Robot Chicken Star Wars on DVD. Room 6B

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Very cool. :) I'm so excited for it. :)
Hmmmm, I wonder if I can get from the Eureka season premiere (hopefully done by 9:30 if they show that first) to Dr. Horrible at 10:45. And it's too bad that there's a conflict between Connie Willis and Joss, she's one of my favorite writers. :(

From that schedule, it looks like the two Stargates are the only events in Ballroom 20 before Joss. This presents an opportunity for Joss fans to sneak in later than usual because there isn't a whole lot of cross-contamination between the shows. Joss fans tend to look down on us Stargate fans. :P

ETA: Hah! Never mind. Eureka and Dr. Horrible are in the same room.

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ETA: Hah! Never mind. Eureka and Dr. Horrible are in the same room.

Yes, same room as the MST3K panel.

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Wow! Congrats Comic-Con attendees :).
Jackpot! Is it Comic-Con yet? Seriously, this month needs to move it!
Apparently I am going to be in Room B on Friday from 6:15 PM until midnight.
I'm baffled as to how you found this, b!x! But grateful too :) Looks like so much fun stuff in store including plenty of Whedonverse. I'm excited about Dexter on Thursday (Julie Benz) and also Bones on Friday in addition to the other panels everyone here is giddy about.

How is anyone going to get any sleep that week? :)
You get your sleep when you're stuck in one panel just because you're waiting for another more important panel. ;)
When do the booths close? 6?
I know that even I, as a non-attendee, will not be getting much sleep that week -seeing as how I'll be kept up with the whole being consumed by jealousy thing. But yay for all of you cool kids who are heading that way. Enjoy!

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I think the booths close at 7, but I am glad they have the schedule up already. I cna start planning.
It also means I have to leave the Eisners early to see Doc Horrible on the big screen...or leave when they get to the last of the categories Joss is nominated for. In any case, I hope to be in the place for most of it.
Oh, crap, I forgot all about the Eisner nominations.
Bix, save me a seat.
Oh, as usual, hell. The schedule is always at the last damn minute. I'll get to see the panel, my main goal, but I'll miss the beginning of the The Rocky Dr. Horrible Comic-dary Opera, which will live forever. Though only on jerky streaming for me.
Huh, Spaced and Dr. Horrible nearly clash at lunchtime, and then totally clash at night. Not too happy about that.
Will they eventually have this sortable by room? Otherwise, I'm going to have to do a spreadsheet to see what's most doable.
I started a spreadsheet, but like b!X and many of us, I'm gonna sit my tushie down in 6B in time for MST3K, and stay there 'til the end of the Doc.

6B will be my new home.
cabri, I don't recall it being sortable by room last year. You sort of have to figure it out.

And I figure that the "Sci Fi Friday" that sits between MST3K and Dr. Horrible (I gather they're showing Eureka and Stargate: Atlantis) will provide my one real bathroom opportunity.

ETA that here is my current list of Thu/Fri picks, without yet having culled due to conflicts.

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Gah! MST3K and Dr. Horrible in the same room! Why oh why must I be teased like this? I was seriously considering flying out just for Friday, but finally decided that was nuts. And now MST3K is in the same room as Dr. Horrible! *shakes fist at the sky*

Have fun, those of you lucky enough to go.

This tears it. I'm doing Comic-Con next year. I'm tired of missing out, heh.
Decisions! Decisions! I have to sleep on this and then consult with others. Thanks for the heads-up, b!x.
Well, I think it is time to perfect that "splitting myself in two" device I've been working on.
This is really a good idea, promotion wise, to show Dr. Horrible at comic-con. I wonder how much coverage we'll get to see after (or during) the event. Congrats to everyone who's going!
Where are you guys getting this schedule? There's nothing useful on the Comic Con site (as usual).
Discover magazine is also having a panel at Comic-Con this year.
Where are you guys getting this schedule? There's nothing useful on the Comic Con site (as usual).

This post links to the Comic-Con site, directly to the Friday schedule.
This post links to the Comic-Con site, directly to the Friday schedule

Not at this moment, b!x, just an error message.

But I'm excited because I resolved my personal CC problem. My mistake? Thinking I need sleep. Sleep is for the weak and if I hit the road at around three that morning, and drive back late at night, I should only have three or four hours of traffic to deal with each way, rather than eight or nine. Forget Amtrak. I'm not missing the first public screening for what will probably be an audience of people who have already memorized the songs.
When the episodes hit online, and if they don't already have downloadable lyric sheets (which a Sing-Along Blog might) I'll make 'em and post 'em, so we can be all memorizey and obsessivey, like good rabid fandogs.

This I swear. Ya know, as Jossus is my witness.

(I downloaded the Friday schedule last night, so the curious know what to do.)
I've added a note to the original post linking to Galactica Sitrep, which has downloadable pdfs of the pages that they've now taken down.

Why do people put stuff online with easily-knowable URLs if they don't want them seen yet?

(I should mention that the Thursday schedule page remains up on their site, although still unlinked. It's the Friday one they appear to have removed.)

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I don't care what it's up against; my ass will be in a seat watching Dr. Horrible.
Thanks, ProgGrrl and b!X, those Sitrep pdfs are much purtier than my text file.
Thanks, bix! You're my hero for the day! :) Any word on Saturday & Sunday? The CABC want a commitment(?) for the booth, but CC is my first priority, volunteering is second. It's not evil, but I have to have my priorities straight.
Wow. Now I'm extra, extra, glad I'm going to Comic-Con on Friday. Eureka, MST3K and Dr. Horrible all happening on that day? Too cool. Plus, I am so relieved that MST3K and Dr. Horrible are scheduled next to each other in the same room. I was very concerned that I might have to make a choice between them.

Making such a choice would not have been a pretty sight.
I *totally* picked the right year to head to Comicon! SQUEE!

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