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July 08 2008

Buffy Lightning Deal at It looks like the Chosen Collection is going to be sold as the 10:00 AM PDT lightning deal on

Why is it the US version of Amazon seems to know me better than the UK one...?

Anyway. Yay for Americans who don't have it I suppose.
Interesting, thanks. Best guess will price be above or below $100?
probably JUST below 100 dollars
I wonder what the price will be? Does anyone know if this will be released on Blu-Ray? If it gets released on Blu-Ray, I may wait, because I don't want to double dip. If not and the price is reasonalble, I may have to finally toss my burned copies and get the real deal.
I'm not pretending to be Mr. HD, but thinking because of the way Buffy was shot (esp. the first couple seasons), it might not be the best candidate for HD conversion?
I need a loaner version so this is just in time! Woo hoo! Thanks!
yeah..i don't think an HD version would work very well because of the way it was shot. its just like how joss said that he is not releasing the buffy dvds in letterbox format because it was meant to be seen in full screen quality.
That would be High Def format, letterboxing is what happens when you watch a High Def wide aspect picture on a 4:3 or other "square
tv. Early Buffy would be very grainy in HD and as others have said Joss framed for 4:3 rather than 16:9 so we would end up with the same "hey, there's the boom and/or camera op" that the R2 DVDs sometimes get.
It's a shame that the Chosen Colection don't have subtitles in Potuguese.
Clicking through I noticed Veronica Mars is only $19.99 per season as part of their "Crime Time" sale. Oh, and Burn Notice (excellent series) season 1 is at quite a nice price too at $26.49.
And Profit is $12.99 (haven't watched it yet, but lots of folks say to check it out, for $12.99 I may have to).
And it's $89.99...
A great price, but too rich for my blood. I'll have to settle for remembering the episodes in my head.
They're gone.
And sold out in 3 minutes.

ETA - what Sunfire said :)
LOL! I wasn't interested in buying it because I already have all 7 seasons but I checked it out anyway and was amazed at how fast it sold out!
I was going to buy it but shouldn't anyway, so either way I both lose and win.

ETA: Interestingly, it was at 85% when I logged in to add it to my cart. That's fast!

[ edited by Sunfire on 2008-07-08 18:10 ]
Was able to pick one up as a birthday gift, for my best friend - so yay! We started our first year of university, last September, and since then, he's seen all 12 seasons of the Buffyverse. I think "hooked" is the term.
Actually Buffy could look good in Hi-Def if done correctly. The original film would have to be re-transfered and color corrected straight to a HD format. Usually older stuff is just upconverted from it's last mastered source, in Buffy's case, probably a digital tape such as digital beta or lower. Done that way, yes, it would look like grainy crap.
Yeah, its entirely dependent on whether they decide to spend any money on it. Plus, the way they clean things up when they do it is often a one size fits all that results in things looking a little blurry in the name of removing film grain.
Any chance of a new set coming out with actually GOOD special features? This box set got pretty bad reviews right? For being a little bare bones and not much flair. I would jump on this if I didn't already have all the seasons. I want MORE deleted scenes!!!
Two questions:

What is this PDT lightning deal on thing?

And about the box set - there is an version of the 7 seasons in England that is better or I'm delusional?
"And about the box set - there is an version of the 7 seasons in England that is better or I'm delusional?"

If you're on about special features, I believe the American version is better because it has that extra disc with the roundtable discussions, etc. If you're on about widescreen vs. fullscreen, then the British version does have widescreen from season 4 onwards, but it's just a personal preference whether you want that. You do see things in frame which aren't meant to be there, as someone else mentioned, so I'd personally opt to see the fullscreen versions... If you're on about the box, then the American version is a specially produced box whereas the British version is just a big box containing all the individual box sets (there used to be a nice box like the Chosen Collection, but that's been discontinued now I think).

Speaking of British versions of DVDs.. does anyone remember those old book-editions? They looked great, but they were 70 when I was thinking of buying them, and then they were discontinued.
I got my copy of "The Chosen Collection" from back in 2005 for $129.99. I felt like I got a GREAT deal at the time and I still do. :) I'm re-watching season 6 right now (I severely underrated that season when I first watched it on F/X in 2004).
I'd love to get 'The Chosen Collection' but I can't be arsed to pay all that money when I already went out and bought all seven seasons when they first came out on dvd.
Most complete-series box sets are generally paltry when it comes to special features, IMO. One extra disc is enough if everything is high-quality meaty material. I think the Chosen collection extras fulfill that pretty halfway. The roundtable is fantastic, but I would have loved more commentaries or rather, just more.

In cmparison, the Angel set is even more devoid of such discussions. I purchased it because it was a fine series and I got the lightning deal in January or February, and it was $68, much cheaper than all five seasons individually.

In a non-Whedonverse comparison, I had the Alias complete set for a time, but it was poorly packaged and I had to return it. The box was beautiful, and there was a "secret compartment" for the extra disc, which had wonderful features. But the features were not quite meaty enough and did not quite answer enough questions as to the lingering questions (what is the significance of 47?). The discs were encased in cardboard sleeves, which scratched them up significantly and there were quite a few unwatchable discs. I got fed up, returned them and I'm perfectly fine with my ive individual seasons. I find that I'm not missing the content from the extra disc that much.
As an owner of all 7 season boxes, I wish they would make available the Chosen *box* as a separate "add-on" for fans who ponied up for the boxes as they first appeared. Same with the Angel box for the 5-season owners.

This was done for "Friends", so that if you bought all the separate seasons, you could send in for the deluxe box to store them in.

Don't really even care that much about the extras - just would like to consolidate the 12 boxes worth of DVDs to save space.

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