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July 08 2008

(SPOILER) Interview with James Marsters about his role in Dragonball. Nice interview with James, translated from the August edition of the Japanese magazine Jump Square, with rather charming results.

The comments on the blog this is posted on are well worth a read too. James seems to be gaining a whole new fandom.

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I hope he is just too excited from his role, couse even I liking Dragon Ball, thats is a violenty show and is not model to kids control their anger.
Wow. James always makes me feel bad when I’m missing out on something. Perhaps, I might check out DB after I see the movie (something before reading this interview I might’ve not even said). I’m somehow more excited to see this now. It is an interesting sensation.
Lovely interview.

The fans on this blog are pretty pro-movie and especially pro-James. I've been following it for several months and every time a James comment or video clip (from con Q&A's) would surface, more skeptics would jump on the James love train. They really appreciate his deep knowledge and respect of the source material and his commitment to getting the character of Piccolo right. His thoughtful comments and enthusiasm are allaying many of the fears that some of the hard-core Dragonball fans have had regarding the translation of their beloved anime to live action, or at least their fears that Piccolo would be lame.
The fears about it became lame are everywere.
Mostly, the fans are afraid that this "version" goes like "Strret Fighter". They already changedthings in Goku's character (now he is a student). And ther is the anxiety with the costumes and make up.
It's a great interview. If the movie doesn't disappoint I might actually end up watching DB.
Love James, am still 100% against this movie.
I would have seen this even if James wasn't in it, having grown up watching DB/DBZ. Although, looking back on the series now, it's really not very good. It was fantastic to me when I was a kid though, so I don't know what BCM is talking about.
I've never seen the cartoon but I hope the movie is more successful than Speedracer.
I didn't get to see James on the big screen for PSILY since it didn't play in my neck of the woods, and even though I know nothing about DB other than his face will be green, I am looking forward to seeing this and I wish all the success in the world to him.
It gets better chances than Speed Racer couse there have more complex characters and story.
I saw P.S. I Luv You, another day and was amazing when they say that Hilary S's character would like to be a "Vampire Slayer" :)
looking back on the series now, it's really not very good

You'd be amazed the degree to which these apparently are fighting words. Or, at least, I'm amazed. (Then again, I've gotten into arguments with people who hate the new BSG but love Ghostbusters Extreme, so maybe I just need to alter my social circles.)
I was a huge DBZ fan back in junior high, when they started showing it on Cartoon Network. I would have to agree that it just isn't a very good show, though. Even then I would constantly get frustrated with the amount of filler each episode had. They would literally stretch out one fight over a dozen episodes.

I'm pretty skeptical about how this movie could possibly not be laughably cheesy, but I'll wait to see the custumes and whatnot before I decide whether or not to see it.
looking back on the series now, it's really not very good

No offense to anyone, but was there ever a time when looking at it, that it was very good? :)
When I was addicted to it yes.But after the rehab I'm almost cured :)
As I said zeitgeist, when I was a child, growing up.

I thought I'd made that clear.
I still read Dragonball quite frequently as it's every bit as good as Buffy. Though, I'd agree that the American/English versions are quite crap.

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Having been a DB/DBZ fan since I was getting bootlegged subtitled VHS tape-of-a-tapes from Chinatown, I have to say, I think James is one of the only (if not THE only) good things about this upcoming movie. They're changing a lot, and the more they change, the less in the spirit of Dragonball the movie's going to be. But we'll see what happens.

I like that he showed his 8 year old the show. More parents need to be less afraid of 'violent' shows and instead hammer in the fact that it's not about the violence but the repercussions thereof. Amongst other things learned in DB, anyway: friendship and love triumphing above all else, family being important, aliens having high power levels... ;)
Although, looking back on the series now, it's really not very good.

Part of that may have to do with the language barrier, I think. I seem to remember hearing that the faulty translation of the show kind of wrecked the storylines a tad.
I really can't see the issue being one of language translation. Heh.
You know, on paper, a summer-replacement series on the WB based on that so-so movie "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" should have been really, really bad. Just goes to show that you shouldn't decide that something sucks before anyone's seen it.

No matter what, a Dragonball movie won't please everybody. Many of those who loved the original will complain about anything that's even slightly changed, and those who absolutely hated the original will hate the things that AREN'T changed, but hopefully they can strike a balance that will please most of the audience.
and those who absolutely hated the original will hate the things that AREN'T changed

Actually, I think they won't care. Heh. The people who do not like the show are not sitting around going, "I hope they make a Dragonball movie I want to see."
i'll see it but would rather be watching a spike movie or series

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