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"I need better back-up than C3PO and Stick Figure Barbie."
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July 08 2008

How Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog came together. The final part of Prodigeek's insightful interview with Joss.

Now I understand the "blog" part of the name--I never quite got that before.
Oh, I didn't know Zach Whedon will be writing for Fringe. Good deal.
Either I forgot that Jed (Jeb? I'm so confused) Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen had joined Dollhouse, or I missed that particular bit of Dollhouse news whenever it happened. That's pretty cool that a little superhero musical led to that kind of thing.

And for my forgetfulness or lax reading of Dollhouse news, I blame gossi. Or rather gossi's site's technical difficulties. I see Dollverse is back up though! Yay! I missed it.
Pretty sure it's Jed. And that was pointed out online enough that they could have corrected it before the second part. I like the interviewer, I don't want to be too critical, but you've got to get peoples' names right.
Well, it's also not "Zac".
At this point I think I've seen Jeb, Jed, Zac, Zack, Zach. There are so many Whedons!
The DVD extras should include the Whedonbros' name spellings.
I'm envisioning an Abbott and Costello type routine with the brothers Whedon and various mis-spellings of their names...I'm not sure exactly how that would play out, but I'm sure it would terribly funny.

Or it could be the fact that the jet lag from the the 10.5 our time difference and 47.5 hours in transit early this week that's making the funny in my brain.
"Who's on first ?"
"Zach's on first."
"Jed's on first ?"
"No, Zach."
"Ah, I apologise, I misheard you."
"That's perfectly alright, not a problem."


Abbott and Costello's was longer. Not sure where i've gone wrong.
Well, for one thing you've forgotten the strange man who walks into the middle of it shaking cheese slices at them.
At this point I think I've seen Jeb, Jed, Zac, Zack, Zach. There are so many Whedons!

Maybe there actually are and someone just beat us all to the cloning...
And one of them sings in a band as well. The Southland or something like that.
Funny twitter feed from Dr. Horrible:
"Introducing the FIVE Whedon brothers. Sam, Matt, Joss, Jed, Zack. There they are. Spelled correctly"
Wow. Samuel, Matthew, Joseph, Jedidiah, Zachary (or Zachariah ?). Religious family do you think ? Or post-modern irony only pre-post-modernity ?

(came up with a proof of exactly what the Cheese-man means BTW but unfortunately this margin is too narrow to contain it)
So that's Samm Wheddon, Mat Weldon, Josh Wheaton, Jeb Weedon, and Zach Wheton, right?
Funny twitter feed from Dr. Horrible:

Have people nothing better to do than react to the bletherings of Whedonesque posters? Obviously I don't. But I mean really it gives a bloke pause.
Full of yourself aren't you Simon? Maybe others are blethering on, not just us! ;)
Yeah right, like there're other places on the internet. Sure.
Well apart from our deadly rival
Wait, this site is public? I thought you needed the decoder ring to read it.
sitlt,tiyt?seWhiio gc iu hohu sIpua tb ecerit er gd dher oad

What's that, Sunfire?
No, use the ring, not the cereal it came in. I've tried and none of the major Western food crops are any good for cryptanalysis (though I had partial success with Sorghum).

Well apart from our deadly rival

Damn, haven't we *cough* "taken steps" yet Simon ? It's all fun and games until the SyFy Genre Awards come out, s'all i'm sayin'. Make 'em an offer they can't refuse, kapeachy ?
To decode this thread, press one or say 'goats'!
Well apart from our deadly rival

We actually have an evil twin?
"For every esque there is a verse."
The intriguing thing is that Joss's posts become epic Norse poetry when read using the handy decoder ring enclosed in every box of Horrib-O's.
Horrib-O's. Made from sorghum, brushed with evil and with just a touch of madness added to every box.

I love them (but then I'm a Viking.) I eat them when I'm wearing my MuShortio Horrible jammies made of brushed flannel and buttoned... with evil.

Funny twitter feed from Dr. Horrible:
"Introducing the FIVE Whedon brothers. Sam, Matt, Joss, Jed, Zack. There they are. Spelled correctly"
Lioness | July 08, 22:22 CET

There are FIVE** of them?

Ah, how I love! Er, I mean,! :)

I can't wait for the Horrible Tarot+ cards to come out. I hear we get to use the decoder ring* with them.

I hope they offer us the "extras" (jammies, Dr. Horrib-O's, DVD, soundtrack) at Comic-Con++!

*Flannel jammies and sorghum not included.

+Due to unknown sources, Tarot cards have been cancelled. is not affiliated with in anyway and holds all rights to Joss Whedon's epic Norse poetry when decoded by the decoder ring.

**It is unclear whether said five Whedon brothers are part of an experimental clone project or not.

++These articles of fandom are not inexistence yet, and are the complete product of bletherings of
Ten little Whedon clones are we.

Horrible twitter it emphatically is not.

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