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July 08 2008

Freshmen Summer Vacation Special. Now on the stands, courtesy of Seth Green and Hugh Sterbakov.

The critically acclaimed hit is back with an all-new adventure chronicling the bizarre twist the kids' summer vacation takes when someone from their past rises from the dead to wreak havoc on Freese College. The kids are reunited to battle this bizarre new foe, but how are they responsible for creating it, and how much destruction will it wreak? An all-out, action-packed brawl filled with drama and laughs, told through the sky-high eyes of the Intoxicator!
Co-created by Robot Chicken maestro Seth Green and written by the eleventh fattest man on Earth, Hugh Sterbakov, Freshmen is an uproarious combination of superpowers and college comedy.

Full color 48 pages $5.99

The guy on the right with goggles reminds me of a young Dr. Horrible.
Is anyone else still reading this ? I re-read Volume 1 back in February and had just bought Volume 2 so I got that too. Originally, during its first volume, I was reading this as a monthly, but it works better all collected and read at once.

There aren't that many villains in the series so far, so they're either bringing back that doctor who created the Ax-Cellerator, Mr. Fiddlesticks from Volume 2, or maybe Analee's father.

Was tempted to pre-order this one-shot Summer Special, but I imagine it'll be collected in Volume 3. That's assuming we get to see the kids in their sophomore college year.

The book gets surprisingly dark now and again, not what I expected when I first started reading it and not the impression you get from the artwork and covers. It's still good goofy fun too though. Too bad it was published at Top Cow, who aside from the rare title like Wanted (the current Angelina Jolie/Morgan Freeman film is loosely based on that comic mini-series), don't let any of their books go over a Teen rating really. As a result, they never really got to make much use of Long Dong as part of the team or as much of a character.

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