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July 09 2008

Felicia Day Interview is EPIC-FU's FU of the Week. Felicia talks about The Guild and Dr. Horrible in this interview with a focus on web/media-DIY.

Cheers, Frieda123 for the tipoff.

It's like a Judy Garland-Mickey Rooney movie from the 30's/40's -- "Hey, kids, let's put on a show!"
Insert random comment about a ragtag band of misfits ;)
I once had a goldfish called Ragtag band of misfits.
What an empowering 2:09 that was. Typing as a middle-aged white dude, but still.

Caught the 6:42 version, also enlightening. Inspirational even, and clearly I am not the first to think thuswise. Very glad to see that in addition to being creative and empowerful, it turned out to be an excellent career move. Leading from the Love Pump -- not just wise but profitable.

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The great thing is that it's at every level now -- my sister's stepdaughter spent the 4th at the local beach making a psycho killer video with her best friend. They took turns playing psycho killers. We need more beachy psycho killer movies!!
Oooh, Beach Blanket Bloodbath!
*hires Pointy as scriptwriter*
I'm surprised the Joss would need to ask Felicia if she could sing, I know for sure he saw her singing w/Tom Lenk in his show "Will You Be My Special Friend?" (and she sounded amazing!).
And more proof that this is the future and FD is tapping into the, uh, zeigeist at just the right time (don't go there, anyone!). :-)
What? It's a word.
:0 !

That was nice. FD seems warm to talk to.
To take the superficial route here for a moment: how pretty is FD in this video?

And yes, she seems fun to be around. I'd allow her to be my friend :-p. She seems ambitious, intelligent, and has a sense-of-direction not to mention a secret affair with zeitgeist, so her careeer seems to be going in the right direction.

Also: Tom Lenk has a show? *Googles*. Ah, I see it's a theatre show, so probably no chance for us not-in-the-neighboorhood-people to see it. Bummer.

ETA: fixed typo

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Speaking of Dr. Horrible, I wonder how Joss -- lover of musicals and holder of Shakespeare readings -- feels that it's been written up in Playbill. (Well, the online version of it, but still.)
I'm guessing Playbill is like the Variety of plays and musicals?

ETA: And, as always wikipedia is your friend. Cool.

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Playbill! That's really cool!
not to mention a secret affair with zeitgeist

Well it WAS a secret... Ixnay on the fairay-a alktay! <british accent>Nothing to see here, barest_smidgen!</british accent>. Seriously (and at the risk of someone posting nothing but *gag gag gag*), I will say that I only have one Whedonesque love :).

Penned by "Buffy the Vampire" scribe Joss Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen

Let that be a lesson to you anyone who is not Joss or Maurissa -- you will get cut from Playbill's writeup if they are going for brevity! The rest of you are totally expendable. Not :) We love you, other Whedon clan members (we even know how to spell your names!).
I had wondered what had happened to the Whedon clan names.

They should market themselves, like ... a groups of brothers that market themselves. (I was going to put the Barnam Brothers' Circus, but that's totally wrong.)

Can someone help me fill in the blank?
Well you spelled Barnum wrong, but I doubt that's what you were asking for :)
I thought so, z, but no, I was looking for professional brother team-ups.
Well typing "brother team ups" into Google (I dropped professional because the results were funnier that way) gives you this. Probably also not what you were looking for :) With professional you get the Hamm twins in the Olympics. Meanwhile, back on the topic - good interview with FD. So glad to see her getting more recognition for all of her hard work on The Guild and now Dr. Horrible.
Nope. I tried "professional brothers", but that was a no hit.

Then I just tried "brothers". A couple of non-thread ones- Wright Brothers.

Wachowski brothers works, but I thought there were more.

ETA: Kaufman brothers are ones too.

[ edited by korkster on 2008-07-10 03:09 ]
Well, if all they could come with for the Baldwin brothers was 'the Baldwin brothers', I doubt the Whedon brothers will do any better. There is serious lackage of humor in gossip rags.

ETA: There's always the Smith Brothers. *cough cough*

[ edited by cabri on 2008-07-10 03:10 ]
cabri, what about the ones I named? They're hitters on the writing front.
I thought we were going for something more zingy than just 'The Whedon Brothers'. We could always try 'Les Freres du Whedon', the French have such flair.

Ah ha! 'Los Whedon'! Although poor Maurissa's 'La' gets lost in the testosterone.

ETA: Oops -- of course she is not yet a Whedon, better not jump the gun on them.

[ edited by cabri on 2008-07-10 03:15 ]
Always go Die Whedon Brüder for nutmegginess.

ETA: Gotta go. Now is the time to post all of those clever puns while I am away and can't chime in. Like coming in on the end of a great inside joke. Stupid life.

Man, talk about addictions, FD.

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Hey now; the Hamm twins are from Waukesha, WI, where my son went to school at Carroll College. And where Les Paul is also from... and they are part of the zeigeist as well. Barest, I'd keep an eye on that fella, were I you.

Except that I am crushing on FD myself, much to wife's everlasting dismay (if it ain't Amber Benson it's Jorja Fox, and if it ain't Jorja Fox it's Mia Wasikowska, and if it ain't Mia Wasikowska, well, it's Felicia Day...)
The Wright brothers. The Mario Brothers. The Brothers Chaps. Other sibling duos.
Nothing wrong with Les Paul :) (or any of the other nice folks you mentioned, Dana) Ah, the Brothers Chaps :) Nice one, Sunfire, especially given that someone was wearing a Marzipan t-shirt in a certain Buffy Season 8 recently!
Got this far and no-one mentions the Marx brothers ? Karl and Hermann, what a pair.

The Coen brothers also leap to mind. The Farrelly brothers ... The Chuckle Brothers ... err, the brothers Karamatsov ... That's it, we've covered all the famous brothers ever.

'Les Cinque Freres Pourpre' is my "contribution" (there should be special quotes for deviations from reality of that magnitude). Cos, really, when's "pourpre" ever not going to be funny to say ? It's actually one of the tests on the Glasgow Coma Scale - "Finds 'pourpre' amusing (0-5)" so if it doesn't tickle you, beware, you could be in a coma. This is a medical fact.
The Carradines, the Quaids, the Guests (and that's just from one film), those two Hitchens (how I love them), the Jacksons and the Osmonds, the Warner Brothers, the Charltons, the Epsteins, the Culkins, the Glenisters and the Troughtons and there is this list and I really need to do some work.

PS Felicia Day rocks.

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