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July 09 2008

First Look at James Marsters in Moonshot. Dangerous Films official site has the first glimpses of James Marsters as Buzz Aldrin.

He is in two of the images in the banner at the top.

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He looks broody & intense. Maybe the press conference pictured was when he found out that Neil Armstrong would be the first man to descend to the moon surface rather than himself. IIRC, that was a source of contention between Aldrin & Armstrong.

Certainly looks like a first class production based on the promo pics in the banner. Can't wait!
I'm so excited! *does dance of excitement (basically running quickly in place while turning)*
I'm a sucker for NASA flicks. (Which means any movie that at some point, a large group of people are standing in a room behind rows of computer banks in stressed silence waiting for a static voice to declare they made it through re-enty. Then of course, everyone cheers. Gets me ever freakin' time.)

And as it is listed on my myspace page under heroes, "And Buzz Aldrin for punching that reporter when he claimed the moon landings were a hoax." No, violence doesn't solve everything, but that guy had it coming.

Edit: I actually had to correct the spelling of "and".

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It really looks good.
Way better than I expected.
How did I miss that Andrew Lincoln is in this as well? Yay. Looks very good.

ETA: And Anna Maxwell-Martin!

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So excited about this, I'm nearly speechless. I'm a huge fan of astronaut movies (must have watched Apollo 13 a dozen times) and a huge fan of James (big duuh ;) and this seems such a perfect role for him.
As anyone who lived through the era, I'm a huge fan of the Apollo 11 astronauts and the whole early space program in general. I used to have an autographed picture of the three Apollo 11 astronauts on my wall back in the day and the thought that they might re-create that photo with James and the others inspires a punch-the-air moment for me.

...I wonder if it's too soon to try modding a Spike action figure to put him in a space suit?
Yeah, Spike on the moon. How exciting is that!?! Yet another JM project I can't wait to see.
Would Spike need the suit? Hmmm. Vampires in Space. Has that been done?
He looks super broody but it looks a lot better then I thought it would. :)

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