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July 10 2008

'Meet Dave' and 'Hellboy II' opens this weekend co-starring some Whedon alum. Marc Blucas co-stars in the comedy 'Meet Dave', but the gentleman Doug Jones not only co-stars in 'Hellboy II', he plays 3 characters in the film.

Photos from Hellboy II Premiere, include Doug Jones and another Whedon alum, Azure Skye.

Is Azure Skye in Hellboy II? Her performances have always appealed to me. She was great in Buffy, and many other things that she's been a part of. Hellboy II is the only opening flick (this weekend) that appeals to me. Will likely catch it with friends for the B-day. Not big on Hellboy, but the visuals are amazing. Speaking of visuals, I still need to catch "The Fall" with Lee Pace (Wonderfalls, Pushing Daisies).
Despite seeing lots of enjoyable films this year, Serenity was still the best flick to hit the big screen this year. Can't Stop The Serenity.
Keep smiling 'coats.
I think she (Azure Skye) was only at the premiere. As far as I know she's not in Hellboy II.
Guillermo del Toro is the Joss Whedon of cinema! No, wait, he's not, because he has his own, incomparable brand of genius. I wonder if the universe would implode or something like that if the two ever met ... or have they? Would that mean that we are living in the post-apocalyptic illusion of an existing universe?

Illusionary or real: Living in Germany, I will have to wait another 3 months for Hellboy II. Sigh. At least Dr. Horrible will be released globally ...
Speaking of visuals, I still need to catch "The Fall" with Lee Pace (Wonderfalls, Pushing Daisies).

You really do. I saw it a few weeks ago, and I thought it was great. Plus, Tarsem Singh is apparently a crazy man, at least if the Onion/AV Club's interview with him is any indication. Good crazy, though. Interesting crazy.

The point is, it's a great movie, so if you get a chance to see it, take it.
I can't wait to see this movie. Del Toro is quickly becoming my favourite director of all time. I loved the first Hellboy movie even though I'd never heard of the character, and Pan's Labyrinth was just an amazing piece of art.

It's my understanding that Doug Jones will be speaking the lines for Abe Sapien this time, not just wearing the suit. Good for him!
Okay. Just looking at him scared me. And he's not even made up as one of the Gentlemen in those photos. But I can STILL see the Gentleman he played.
*shudders a bit*
I met Doug Jones when he visited a comic book show in Sacramento a few months ago. He's a great guy, and very interesting, too. I will be seeing Hellboy II over the weekend, and not just for the air conditioning to hide from the heat wave.

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Another Whedon alum showing up on the big screen next week: Keith Szarabajka (Holtz on "Angel") is in "The Dark Knight." No makeup, so he's easy to spot.

Doug Jones is, imho, one of the universe's gifts to cinema and TV in terms of making improbably-proportioned, fluidly moving characters seem absolutely real. And this time, he gets to do Abe Sapien's voice as well as the movement. Yay Mr. Jones!
I'm so bummed no one posted this on YouTube, but did anyone else catch the commercial of Hellboy singing Mandy? If that wasn't a Whedon nod, I don't know what is. Apparently do-gooding demons love Manilow (there's some good singin' in this flick.)
I saw the commerical with Hellboy and Chuck playing video games. That was AWESOME!!


ETA : Link to the Chuck spots as well as others like a PSA can be found here.

As for the singing of Mandy, I think that is actually in the film.

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Those Hellboy vs. Chuck spots are all kinds of brilliant!

Honestly though I never saw the first Hellboy. It just didn't look very good to me. However, now being a bit more knowledgeable, I might check it out, considering Guillermo del Toro is amazing.

Also, Marc Blucas is in Meet Dave? I find that fairly disappointing.
Actually, Hellboy and Abe sing "Can't Smile Without You"-- and yes, it's hilarious as it sounds. =)
Racoon Boy, the first Hellboy was fantastic. Funny, smart, and very character-driven and focused as well. You obviously have to get a little depth with a complex character like Hellboy, but one of the endearing things about the movie is the balance of humor, action and drama. Definitely check it out, it's a great movie.

I've already got tickets to Hellboy II and The Dark Knight. I've seen every comic book movie this summer, and I'm excited.
Oh Marc, Marc, Marc. You're such a nice man and you're in such terrible movies. Sigh...

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