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July 10 2008

Doctor Horrible article from MTV Movies Blog. MTV's Whedon-loving reporter Jennifer Vineyard strikes again with a story about how Doctor Horrible came to be. And click here for even more Dr. Horrible MTV coverage. It includes comments from Joss, Michael Boretz and Adam Busch and Amber Benson as well.

There's another article on MTV News today, but I'm actually quoted in that one, so somebody else will have to post.
It seems a bit silly to have two MTV articles on the same subject posted to the front page as separate entries. So I've combined the two together.
My beautiful, beautiful headline!

No, makes more sense combined.
Poor Bix. For those who missed it the headline was from this great Joss quote in the second article:

"I don't want large groups of people enjoying themselves, singing songs I wrote."

He's joking, of course.
Press screening today. Horribly exciting.
Horribly exciting.

"So you’re the best you can be. Even if you’re supposed to be evil. You’ll try to be the best damn evil person you can be.”

This is something I've maintained for years, but it's refreshing to see it in black and white.

And I'm happy that Michael Boretz is producing, here and elsewhere... it's just very satisfactory.

Oh, and according to the 2nd MTV link, the streamed episodes disappear on "July 20. July 20." so they really frakkin' mean it.

(It is painful to see a good headline go spiralling down the drain, b!X.)
I'm lucky enough to be attending this tonight. The heart swoons and goes pitter pat.
And the envious soul gnashes it... teeth, I guess.

*much gnashing of jealous teeth*

(Enjoy, you... lucky Kat, you.)
So how long before we get reports from those lucky enough to see it today?
I can't wait for the response. Hopefully everyone will have the same reaction that Matt Roush did.

And yes, Kat, today you find yourself in a most enviable position.
I'll take notes and post here the quotables and such as soon as I get home. They'll be taking questions, so if anyone has something they'd like asked, let me know. I hear it's supposed to be a pretty small crowd of people.
Kat, as per this thread, in fact, if you could ask about the licensing/rights issue (basically, what will be allowed and -how- will people be able to secure such a license) if people want to show this publicly once the DVD is out, that would be very helpful to a number of people.
Hear hear! Ask them if they want to do a Sing Along sing along!
Bix and singalong -- you've got it. I shall query in the name of Whedonesque. Great Q, too, as I truly miss the OMWF caravan roaming the land and wish there was a way to bring it back.
By combining the two threads we lost the devloping discussion about Dr. Horrible becoming a Broadway, or dare we hope, London musical. I'd just like to pipe in and say that is an idea worth exploring. I'd go.
Can we add that other article in somehow? I'd love to read it.
It is added.
For what it's worth, it's probably kind of silly for Michael to be telling reporters that "it's the first Internet musical".

I suppose it's likely that it's the first Internet musical by a major industry figure, but I'd be willing to bet a beer at Comic-Con that it isn't actually the first Internet musical.
I'm enjoying hearing from the other people involved with this. It is really being shared among all these "wicked talented" people.
Much greatness at the showing tonight. As per Joss' request, I won't give away any details about the actual story, except to say it was grand in its big screen-ess!

Speaking of big screens, Joss agreed that a sing-along of the sing-along would be "tremendous," and that he would absolutely be into it. He again mentioned what a thrill it was to be an audience member at the OMWF sing-along here in L.A.

All of the actors were there (although, sadly, I didn't see Marti Noxon) and in fine form. Neil was fashionably (an eensie bit) late, and came in wearing a swell fedora. Nathan seemed extremely smiley and personable, as did Felicia.

Before things got rolling, Joss said a few words and mentioned being "faint with fear." No worries, young sire, 'cause Dr. Horrible thrilled all. It's just so flippin' quirky. Every single person coming at you from your computer screen will shine!

The Q&A portion was pretty amazing with just a handful of writers surrounding Joss and the cast. Intelligent Qs were asked, and for that, I, and I'm sure they, were eternally grateful.

Quick points of interest:

Joss joked (I know, impossible to believe, isn't?) that he funded the movie with Girl Scout cookies.

NPH said, completely un-egotistically, that he still listens to the songs on his iPod.

Joss mentioned there will definitely be a soundtrack.

Felicia said she got an email from Joss asking if she was interested in doing this. She said it read, "Can you sing? -j." (Cute.)

Joss mentioned there's plans for more comics than just the one online.

He also said the difference with the Buffy sing-along and this was this was a whole new idea and didn't have Buffy tie-ins to work with (you know, 'cause they were right in the middle of a season).

Lastly, he said that he loves musicals because everybody is happy (and singing).

Hope that does the awesomeness of my experience justice. I'm sure there'll be more detailed reports coming in by morning. My friend is doing a piece right now for the Hollywood Reporter blog, and should be up tomorrow.
Intelligent Qs were asked, and for that, I, and I'm sure they, were eternally grateful.

That's because they know what awaits them at Comic-Con in 12 days, 18 hours, 19 minutes.
Thanks, Kat Jetson. Great report.
Sounds awesome, Kat. Thanks!
Thanks for the report, Kat. I can't wait to see this next week - and on a big screen with at Comic-Con.
Yes indeed, that's a smashing read. I've added the link to the entry I just posted there now.
Bix, stop making my head explode with the countdown. You do realize how much there is to do before Comic-Con starts right? :)

I can't wait for the screening. Mainly because I will actually be able to go. Sadly, I'll probably miss the panels. Someone want to borrow my video camera and tape them for me?
Cool, Kat!
danregal, I assume that you are one of the people taking the hit for us volunteers who are saying "I'd love to help out at the table, just not when Joss is around. Or David B or Seth Green or or or..." Thanks!
Thanks for the report, Kat! I can't wait to watch it myself.
Lioness, yes, but thankfully the hit goes to Dwight first, so I only get ricochets. :) Don't worry about asking for those times off, just make sure to email us on Monday with your list of can't miss panels and we'll fit you in somewhere that works. And thanks for volunteering!!
YAY! Thanks, Kat, that was great. Loved the bit about the Girl Scout cookies (personal experience). They'd probably make more money if they were made of real Girl Scouts. :)

Love the warm fuzzies. Can't wait to read the report!

danregal, thanks to you and Dwight for taking the hits. I'll review my plans over the weekend and send you the final availability. Luckily, I don't care for much besides... well.
I may be a little late on the reply, but thanks for the awesome report, Kat. And thanks a whole really awful lot for asking about the midnight shows!

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