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July 10 2008

Say Happy Birthday to The Operative! Chiwetel Ejiofor turns 34 today.

Honestly, I was very surprised at how young he is when I found out he was only 33, (now 34.) He carries himself with so much... dignity? That's not completely right, but there's just a way about him that is so much more mature. Or, I hang out with really immature 30+ year olds. ;)

All I really mean is Happy B-day, Mr. Ejiofor.
You are scary good, Chiwetel Ejiofor -- happy day of you!
You were only 30 when you made Serenity?! Amazing.
Happy birthday, Chewie!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I agree with NYPinTA, he looks (and seems) a lot older.
Happy birthday!
He carries himself with so much... dignity?

No, I'd say that was about right.

That guy is such a fantastic actor that he disappears into the character completely. I think he's one of the best out there so I'm glad he's still just a spring chicken because this way we'll hopefully get a lot more screen time out of him. :)
A good day for a man, a man who has done...fine works.
Happy Birthday, Mr. Ejiofor!
Happy (belated) birthday Mr Chiwetel Ejiofor esq. and many more.

Dignity fits but it's more gravitas IMO. He really imbues his characters with a sort of serious-mindedness and singleness of purpose that makes dramatic parts easy to believe when he plays them. Never seen him do straight comedy though, that'd be interesting (closest was 'Kinky Boots' which was more a dramedy IMO). I can only really imagine him playing comedic characters the way e.g. Colin Firth does i.e. by subverting his own seriousness. Could be wrong though, it'd be worth seeing either way.
/agree Saje (how boring is that? ;)). Its definitely gravitas that our man has in spades.

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