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July 03 2003

Moore Action Collectibles Cancels Buffy and Angel Action Figure Lines. "...MAC has made the decision to [cancel] production of both lines." This affects the Buffy Series V and VI as well as the Angel Series II lines, and is effective immediately.

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"However, you may be pleased to know that we are taking the sculpts of the figures and releasing them as limited edition statue dioramas, which will be part of a series that began with the sold-out Spike Statue released through Moore Creations."

Obviously, there's quite a bit of commotion about this on their board. And there's already an effort underway to change their minds as well as solicit other manufacturers here.

MAC will probably have a booth at the San Diego Comic-Con in two weeks, so it'll be interesting to hear what they have to say there.

Well, I'm severely bummed. I was looking forward to the Darth and Vampire Willow figures. :(

I was waiting to put in my order, cause you never know when the hell Moore is finally going to release the figures, especially after the lack of Anya in Series IV. And I just checked the Moore website, and the only items still up for purchase in the Buffy V category are the demon busts. I really wanted a Tara.

Also, I'm confused, didn't Moore put out the Drusilla mini-statue first?
jack knight, I wouldn't be surprised if Moore greatly underestimated demand, since you said you were waiting to put in your order.
Well, I am bummed, especially as I have already ordered Series V.
Is it just me or has their message board crashed completely?
No, TaraLivesOn, I got a crashy/error-y message thingy when I checked out the site too.

I wanted a Tara figure so much!!! *sob*
Well from what I remember reading, Donna, who's one of the Moore employees, posted this news late in the day on July 3rd, saying that an official announcement would be posted to the site on Monday, but that she wanted to get the word out to the posting board readers first.

I have a feeling that her intentions backfired, as many Buffy fans and collectors quickly expressed their dissatisfaction. So much so that the board crashed as a result. I doubt any administrators will be contacted on July 4th, or even the weekend, so the board may not be operational again until Monday.
I find that ironic considering my last post here. There's gonna be a lot of fans upset about this.
I take it back. The board's back up.

And a correction: "...the above information will be released on the web site Sunday. I wanted the people in the forum to have the information now, so that you would know what is going on with the action figures."

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