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July 11 2008

Buffy game announced for the Nintendo DS. 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Sacrifice' will be exclusive to the DS and should be out this November. The post season seven story is penned by former Buffy writer Robert DesHotel ('Phases', 'The Puppet Show'). Eurogamer says Angel and Spike will feature in the game as well.

By my count this'll be the fourth sixth Buffy video game.

Hmm... I think this might actually be the fifth, or possibly sixth, Buffy game. There was the original XBox game, the Chaos Bleeds game, the original GameBoy game, the Wrath of the ??? King GameBoy game, and I believe there's a cell phone game about Oz.

At any rate, this looks to be more on par with the console games. And from what I can gather from the description, it seems to be a post-Season 7 game.
You know, I was resigned to selling my DS today. Looks like I'll be keeping it around at least through November. Talk about perfect timing for that announcement!
Hmm... I think this might actually be the fifth, or possibly sixth, Buffy game.

Yep you're right. I forgot about the second Gameboy game (many fans who played it tried to do the same). I wonder if Joss will have any input into this new game.
Awesome! I just bought a DS two weeks ago - talk about timing! My psychic prowess reveals itself once again.
Does anyone else notice that IGN's description mentions the setting of the game as being after the seventh season? I surely don't expect a video game to be canon, but this may prove interesting in how it could relate to season eight.

Likely it will fit in a nice little period before the comics begin, but the brief description also mentions Buffy returning to Sunnydale after the events at the end of the show. So she returns to...a crater? Another option is an "alternate universe" sort of approach such as the previous games used, thus avoiding any pesky continuity issues. Yet another option is for me to not take this so seriously, since it's a video game.
I honestly wasn't expecting any more Buffy games, but this comes as a nice surprise. My DS will finally be used for something other than Sudoku and Mario! At one time I almost bought an Xbox just to play the Buffy game. Reason won over, but not by much :-)
I'm not a fan of computer games to the point where I don't own any of the consoles and never have. My nephew, however, owns practically every type of game console available and so this is probably a lot more up his street than mine. He's already got Chaos Bleeds, I believe. I'll have to let him know this is coming out. Not for me though. I like games where you move, get some fresh air and actually break a sweat, now and again.

Yeah, old fashioned, ain't I! ;)
Not for me though. I like games where you move, get some fresh air and actually break a sweat, now and again.

You could always play Wii with a window open;)
...nah, I'm always telling my kids to git outside once in a while too. That being said I will be getting this game - for me of course.
Actually, I will admit to being really surprised by how physical playing on the Wii Console can be. My nephew got one last Christmas and I was talked into having a go on the Wii Sports game. Still not sure it's something I could really get into as a hobby but it's nice to see that they are finally addressing the fact that people need to actually move to keep fit and that computer games are one of the reasons kids aren't doing that enough. Certainly a step in the right direction.

Kicked his ass on the tennis game, too. ;)
All things in moderation, as they say.
This is cool, but I was really hoping for any more Buffy games to be more high-budget, PS3/360 affairs. Either a third-person actioner tying into Season Eight somehow, or perhaps a sandbox game set in Sunnydale, retelling the story of the series. That would be a huge project, and possibly unfeasible, but I'd still kill to play the legendary fights. Imagine clashing blades with Angelus, clobbering Glory with Olaf's Hammer, or sticking Caleb with the Slayer Scythe.

Oh well, the fact that ANY Buffy games are coming out now is a welcome surprise. Perhaps this one will be a pleasant success, making more Buffy games down the road possible.
You could always play Wii with a window open;)

Have you seen the Youtube video of Felicia playing DDR? She was certainly getting exercise.

I'll definitely be picking up this game. I haven't played a Buffy game yet, so I hope it is decent. Even if it isn't, my husband will probably play it. He doesn't seem to believe me when I tell him it is perfectly fine to quick playing a game that isn't fun.
I feel sort of torn. On one hand, I really want to play this; it looks like a lot of fun and I loved Chaos Bleeds to death, gameplay "quirks" and all. On the other hand, I was just remarking the other day that I always forget I own a GBA since I haven't played it in over three years. I still haven't gotten around to picking up a Wii (despite owning games for it).

Either way, the game does look pretty nice!
Is that Spike in the first screen shot?

ETA: Yes by what Eurogamer says.

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I'm glad to see that Buffy is still working her magic in video games. Definitely going to pick this one up at some point, but I'm really hoping she shows up on the Wii sooner or later. I'd love to stake a few vamps with the Wiimote.
Yay! A new Buffy game! Boo! It's only for the DS! My daughter has a DS - maybe she'll let me borrow it!
LOL Zohyrael! I'd have to get a Wii if they came up with a Buffy game that used the wiimote to stake vampires! That would be so much fun!!
There is the possibility that the game may be released in Europe first. So our North American cousins might have to get it on import if they're desperate to play it.
Firefly Flanatic, even I would consider getting a game like that, which is saying something. ;)
Not sure about this... I mean, the Buffy games' track record has been spotty at best. I haven't played the first one but I've heard that it and Chaos Bleeds are kinda similar and... Well, let me put it this way... I call it "Buffy Raider". To me it didn't really feel like Buffy; it felt like the fighting part of Buffy sure, but that was never the focus of the show you know. It was all growing pains and human trauma and the game had none of that. Might be unreasonable to have such expectations on a video game but it's Buffy and therefore I demand a high standard.

And let's not even talk about the Game Boy titles. The GBA one was absolutely horrendous and the GBC one was even worse, almost a candidate for worst game ever.

And now this game... Judging by the screenies... I just don't know... I'm remaining skeptic.
I own 2 DS games...Mario Kart, New Super Mario Bros.

This will be the next game I buy. This is great news. I'm really surprised it's being made though. Buffy still seems alive and well to us but you wouldn't think a five year old TV show would be a sure fire hit.

Hopefully if this game is a hit a company might give it a shot with a big budget console game. The previous console ventures sold quite well I believe. sure wouldn't expect to see any other 5 year old show have a video game released. That oen really baffles me. Makes me very happy though. niece broke my DS *cries*

But I'm glad they're still making Buffy games, loved the others.
LOL. Staking vampires on a Wii would be awesome.

I think my daughter will be getting a new video game for her birthday. When she was three, I once caught her trying to stake one of her teddy bears with a chopstick. It is hard to believe that, that was six years ago. Hopefully, she will let mom borrow her DS.
This sounds interesting. Although I like the idea of a Wii and the whole staking thing. That would be amazing.
I hope this does sell well and inspires a new game for the Xbox 360 & PS3. The original xbox game was fantastic and the Chaos Bleed game was good although not as good as the xbox exclusive game. With the next gen graphics a Buffy game would look and play awesome.

Although the Wii isn't as graphically stunning or as powerful as the 360 & PS3 they could come up with a wii-foot-mote that you attach to your foot and we could karate kick them too!! I can imagine my neighbors watching me through my picture window as I frantically kick and stab at the air wondering if I've gone bonkers!

I am definitely getting a DS now. I remember when Buffy came out on the XBOX and I was deciding whether to get an Xbox or a PS2 and Buffy was the deciding factor!!!

Wait... why is the library intact (you can see it in one of the screen shots)? I am getting really confused as to the setting of this game...
I would imagine Sunnydale has found a way to return. Is it the new Silent Hill?
Maybe this is a 'alternate universe' game, where Sunnydale is still intact and kicking.
Since it's not available for the PS3 or XBOX 360, it's not of interest to muwah.
AWWWW I haven't got a DS! Oh well, I dunno, I think I'd prefer a game for the next gen consoles but maybe with the success of this, it may happen in the near future! I'd love it if Jo Chen did the cover (although I doubt it cuz Dark Horse doesn't seem to have anything to do with it.) Looks alright although I hate the idea of Spike ad Angel being in it, just like the idea of them featuring in season 8. My hate is more for Spike than Angel though.
I'll definitely buy this game, but I wish it was on ps3. Maybe they will make one for the consoles *fingers crossed*

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