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July 11 2008

(SPOILER) A review of Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. "The end result is kinetic and inspired, while still bearing the trademark wit and pathos of a Whedon project."

Huh. That one seems to say a bit more about the actual plot than the other pieces.

ETA that apparently this is what happens when I'm bleary-eyed and tired and just-arrived at work and miss the big red SPOILER tag.

(Does this mean that won't get invited to the next time there's one of these, since they didn't keep the plot details to themselves?)

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Okay, my interest is horribly piqued...
I was thinking exactly that, QuoterGal.
I've got this invisible line as far as spoilers go and based on b!X's comment, this is on the other side of it. Happy spoilering to everyone who enjoys it though.

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Funny . . . I missed the big red SPOILER tag, too. Must be all the excitement and lack of caffiene. Still, after weeks of reading various interviews and speculations, I hadn't (yet!) run across the couple or three new-to-me tidbits I saw in this piece.

ETA: Probably because few had seen the finished work.

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I love the review, and it makes me even more excited to see the series next week! I don't think it was to spoilerish, given how a lot can be surmised from the trailer, Joss Whedon's comments, and the Captain Hammer comic. I'm sooo excited for this!!
I guess my point was that Joss apparently asked that details not be revealed, and yet this review has . For a piece that's only around 40 minutes long, that's a lot of detail when asked not to mention details. (Mainly I just think that when one is invited into a fairly elite group of people but only on the basis of a condition or request, the right thing to do is respect the request. *shrug*)
All of the 'revealed details' were more or less already shown or alluded to in previous releases. I learned nothing new except for a couple of guest stars.
I hear you, b!X - though I think I already knew about from earlier articles...
(Does this mean that won't get invited to the next time there's one of these, since they didn't keep the plot details to themselves?)

Yes I wondered about that too. Dying to see Drew's cameo.
To be fair, Joss asked that a very specific thing not be spoiled. I don't believe the writer of this story did that. She did get quite specific about a few things, but that tends to happen sometimes with most anything reviewed. I guess? Trust me, there's much more of/to Dr. Horrible for the masses to relish come Tuesday.
You are a miserable delightful tease, Kat.

*wonders much in the speculative part of her brain pan.*

I am holding my soul in patience, if that's the phrase I mean.
Ooh, now I'm even more curious!! (Curiouser?)

Does anyone know what time on July 15th the first part is going online? Is it a 12:01 EST thing? Or will everyone be hitting the refresh button?
From 2pm (Sydney time) onwards I'll be constantly hitting the refresh button. :D
*looks at time* 3 days to go!

As for spoilers in the article, the only thing I didn't know before was ;)

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the only thing I didn't know before was that

There is
Must . . . resist . . . urge . . . to play . . . inviso-text . . . Mad Libs.

BTW, whoever came up with "Marcie-text" = v. clever.
Did anyone read the Comments in the review post??

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