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July 12 2008

Amber Benson goes to Hell(boy). As a tie-in with the new film, Amber has written a short story for the Hellboy: Oddest Jobs anthology book, edited by former Buffy novelist Christopher Golden.

Although she's not mentioned as one of the authors on the official Dark Horse site, she is credited at, which lists the title of her story as "Produce".

Even on Amazon, she's kinda hidden - she is, however, featured on the back cover and Table of Contents views.
Good for Amber, it's seemingly a great mythology to work with, as seen in the absolutley gorgeous Hellboy 2. Yes, I'm using this thread as a thin excuse to say that anybody who didn't go see it today wasted that portion of their day, not seeing it. Sorry, but I was really disappointed when I got back from it and the last thread was off the main page.

Doug Jones was superb, as always. Voice guy from the last one, whoever he was, was not missed.
dreamlogic, I saw it last night too and I'll join in your shameless plug for it. So beautiful, brilliant, funny. gave it a glowing (and not too spoilery, but for explaining backstory) review here.

And I don't know about you, but I will never think about tooth fairies in the same way again. *shivers*

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I didn't like the first movie, and the trailers for the new one aren't doing anything for me, so I'm going to skip it. (I am apparently the only living moviegoer not susceptible to Guillermo del Toro's charms. I thought Pan's Labyrinth was good, but heavy-handed and overrated.)

However, I absolutely love the comics, and this sounds great.

dreamlogic, the voice guy from the first was Frasier's David Hyde Pierce. ;-)
Sounds awesome! Hellboy is one of my favorite comics characters.
Pan's Labyrinth is a pretty high standard to hold Guillermo del Toro's movies. I agree, Hellboy was highly creative and beautiful.
I just saw this anthology in my local comic shop earlier today. I loved the first two (Odd Jobs and Odder Jobs), so of course I was delighted to see Amber's name in the table of contents. I haven't bought it yet, but I intend to.

Oh, yeah, and Hellboy 2 was amazing. I saw it at the midnight showing.
Unplugged Crazy, the trailers are very misleading for Hellboy 2. It's like they're trying to make it out to be like the other comic book movies that are doing so well this summer, when it's really not. If you don't like Pan's Labyrinth, however...

BrewBunny, I really should have mentioned the funny, too.
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Hey, I did like Pan's Labyrinth. But I just don't understand the hype. I mean, I know I'm the only person who saw the movie to think this, but I thought the fantasy sequences were sluggish while the "real life" sequences were brilliant.

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wytchroft: She's actually been reasonably busy with TV-movies and such. Plus her deal for 3 novels with Penguin. Details can be had at Essence of Amber.

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