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July 12 2008

Firefly Themed Wayward Coffeehouse Discovered in Seattle. Could this be the first themed Firefly cafe? Features several pieces of Firefly and Serenity memorabilia and a sandwich menu featuring each crew member.

Was shocked when I wandered in here today and was met by a brusque Aussie wearing a Firefly t-shirt. "Nice shirt" I said, and she gesticulated to the gigantic 10 foot by 10 foot Serenity banner on the wall near the entrance. Check out the frog at the bottom of the webpage.

Oh, that's so totally awesome, omg. If there's a coffee place like that in NYC, I'd totally go there. And I don't even drink coffee.
Now that's the kind of coffee place I would like to have here in Stockholm! Board game sessions and geek trivia, who could want for more?
I took a few photos, will try to link to them from comments once I get them uploaded somewhere. The menu is hilarious. Apparently they will be having some huge event to celebrate the Serenity release date anniversary too.
Aww, this place looks wonderful, even (okay, I'll say it...shiny). I so want to see what the menu is like.

(I also simply cannot think of a way to say crew sandwiches without it sounding lewd or shippy, hence, I say menu.)
Wow! I had no idea Greenwood had a place like this. I'll have to stop by tomorrow!
I know the Seattle Browncoats have lots of meetups there, so if you're a Seattle Firefly fan you should head over to

(*cough* and if you're a Seattle Buffy fan check out

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A good friend of ours came to visit us in Seattle last summer. We were driving up Greenwood when my boyfriend asked, "Um, did I just see the Serenity logo?" I didn't see what he meant so I flipped around, found a parking space on the street and we made our way inside Wayward Cafe.

Broenwynn is the owner - a really great lady who's up for conversation and grokking about all things Whedon. Later that week, we went to a Browncoat gathering with the Bedlam Bards. They have themed board games, wi-fi, tasty vegan donuts, coffee yummies, and Italian sodas.

If you are in the area, definitely check out this place and enjoy some friendly camaraderie from fellow Browncoats. You just might find us there! I took some photos the last time we were there:
Oh, that's awesome. Now I have another reason to want to go to Seattle.
That's awesome! *takes the next flight to Seattle*

Off topic but Germancitygirl's post reminds me of my buffy game which I've had for years and still haven't figured out how to play it.
Shiny! another reason to travel. I love theme restaurants. I miss going to Milwaukee for Gen Con. Great spy themed bar there. "The Safe House", on Front street. Secret entrance and exit, order the vodka martini "Shaken not stired" for a nice show. and take the "phone booth exit."
Shade-growned espresso? Did someone pull a page from Willow's spellbook again?
Awesome- there's even stuff for the oft forgotten Kiwis and Aussies
When I was in Seattle in March to meet some Goners/Whedonesque friends, one of the local Browncoats took me to the Wayward for lunch. I had the Serenity Ploughman sandwich, which was very good. I met Bronwyn and other Browncoats and sat in a wonderful cafe with a great atmosphere. Definitely check it out when you're in Seattle!
Wayward is a great place & the owner is a very friendly Browncoat. The coffee is fabulous and so is the entertainment. One of the best independent coffee houses left in Seattle. That's right--- the evil Alliance--er, um, I mean Starbucks hasn't defeated them yeat and never will!
This place sounds awesome and I want to go there someday.

That said, the phrase "shade-grown espresso" makes about as much sense as "organically-farmed quiche" or "hothouse-cultivated marinara" or "farm-raised mulligan stew" or "double-chocolate ice cream sundae, milked by hand from Jersey cows" :)
Spacygal, may I help you with that?
Making a mental note to check it out next time I'm up in Seattle, and preferably with Spacegirl. Assuming she can forgive my love for Starbucks' iced lattes - especially on a morning with a wicked post-convention party hangover! ;-)
This has made me completely reevaluate my opinions on Seattle.
This sounds awesome. If I'm ever in Seattle, I'm going here.
A little far north for me to show up regularly (I'm at the south end of the city, and this looks pretty far north), but I'll definitely have to get up there before too long.
This sounds like the coolest thing ever. I now have an excuse to go to Seattle.
Regarding shade grown coffee, this is from Wikipedia:

Shade-grown coffee refers to coffee grown under a canopy of trees. Most of the coffee farms in Latin America have converted to “sun-coffee” to increase production. “Sun-coffee” entails thinning out the trees in order to make more room for the actual coffee plants. The debate over “sun-coffee” and “shade-grown” has mostly been caused by ornithologists who believe that the de-forestation of these farms has resulted in the loss of countless birds who once lived in the trees.

(I'm in Kitsap, but I will definitely find my way over to Wayward!)
My goal is to move to Seattle to get my masters in law library sciences- knowing that there is a safe haven for me to geek out every once and a while makes the thought of moving just a bit more...shiny!!
kazzmere, I think Ghalev was pointing at the absurdity of the "espresso" part of the "shade-grown espresso" equation. Given the "espresso" is a method of making coffee, not a bean. (To be fair, it's likely a compression of "shade-grown coffee beans made into espresso," but it does sound a bit odd).

I'll definitely swing by if I'm ever up in the frozen north. ;-)
Seattle isn't frozen at all. It's just rainy.
I like how their email address is "wayward@[domain name]".
This place looks sweet.

I guess it's never a bad business idea to ride Joss' coat-tails. Browncoat-tails even ;)
Geez - I never thought about posting about The Wayward on Whedonesque. It is indeed a Seattle Browncoat hangout. In fact, they regularly host events, and the raffle drawings for this year's CSTS were held there.

They are a going concern, but as many small businesses right about now, can use all the business they can get. So, if you know anyone in Seattle, Browncoat or not, send 'em to The Wayward.

And Holeworld, I'm a grad of the iSchool, so if I can answer any questions for you, let me know.
What an awesome place. If I'm ever in Seattle, I'll be sure to check it out.
I'd drive an hour to go there. Board games! Unfortunately, it's more like seven or eight.
I'm sitting in that sort of coffee cupecake shop right now(minus the Serenity), but I'm reasonably that I could get them to show a marathon on there flat screen if I asked nicely.
I don't understand how it can be "that sort of" place and yet "minus the Serenity", when the entire point of "that sort of" would have to be "it's Serenity-related".
Definitely want to go there next time I'm in Seattle!
Huh. Last time it was there, it was just a coffee shop that hosted events. Didn't know they had changed the look and the menu. Shiny!

Also, I believe there's a cafe in North Carolina. They were talking about it at Or maybe it's a bar.

Man, I have got to head up there again sometime... it's been a while since I showed up at a Firefly/Serenity event. I even missed CSTS 2008! I was gonna go to Vancouver and everything! Stupid lack of money.
We have different friends we visit up there. I have to go.
Holy crap! That's walking distance from my house!
I'm so bummed I didn't know about this when I was in Seattle a few months ago!
Just getting ready to head over to the Wayward for a rousing game of Browncoat Dominoes! It's super shiny that someone posted the info about our little piece of Haven.
There's even a motto - "Wayward's better than a plan."
SSRennie - it's always been a Browncoat gathering place since it opened back in 2006. The first Sereniversary in Seattle was celebrated there and we were lucky enough to have the Bedlam Bards, Michelle Dockrey (Vixy) and Brandon Klasson perform for us. It was awesome!
Y'all come visit now, ya hear?
Ni-Howdy to Traevyn, Broenwynn, Julesong, and all the other Seattle Browncoats! It's nice to see a link here on Whedonesque about this wonderful BC Sanctuary. Last year, I had a vacation coming and decided to fly from Indiana to see my on-line friends and crewmates from Seattle. WaywardBrowncoat e-mailed me and urged me to be sure and stop by the Wayward Coffeehouse. I ended up making it my Headquarters during the 6 days I was there, and had a fantastic, Shiny time! The Wayward, and the Seattle Bcs, are a "must visit" for anyone visiting the Great Northwest.
will definitely visit this place. very glad to know about it.
Oh sure, they couldn't have opened that place when I was living there (of course that was way pre-Firefly, but still, it would have been incentive to stay)... Sounds like a great hangout.
WAHOO! I will be visiting Ms. Broenwynn and the Seattle 'Coats in a couple of months. I asked my family 'how far is it from your place to there' ... it's all of about a mile and a half!

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