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July 12 2008

(SPOILER) First look at Spike: After The Fall #1. Newsarama has a five page preview of Spike's adventures in hell.

Looks good. (Except for Spike's face, which is distracting, but oh well, it is not the most important thing for me.)

I like "Give me that thing." :-D

I always thought the ironic set-up they had made in S5 of Spike teaching Illyria about the world had a lot of potential. It looks like this is going there.
Thanks Simon-Looking forward to the rest of the series. Will be good to fill in some of the blanks in Angel:After the Fall.
What I'm loving most about A:ATF and now these first pages of S:ATF is that I can totally hear the voices of the actors speaking the lines. I'm the same with Buffy Season 8 but in that case we are talking experienced Buffyverse writers, for the most part, putting the words into the characters mouths. Back when this was first announced I was concerned that Brian wouldn't have the same ability to capture the onscreen personality of the various Angel cast members enough for it to work in comic form. Especially as we are talking three of my all time favourite characters in Spike, Wesley and Illyria. I really didn't need to worry. This is some really great writing.

Now I'd like to see Brian write a Faith and Giles arc for Buffy Season 9, or better yet a Spike and Faith crossover mini-series. Either one works for me. ;)
Oh excellent stuff! Looks great so far, and the artwork is just wonderful.
Makes me irritated that I didn't get to see more of Amy Acker play Illyria.
I like Brian Lynch's Angel, but I love his Spike.
So, so cool. Can't wait to own this book.

"Angel: After the Fall" misses you so badly, Franco. :[
Oh, look at the pretty.

Poor Spike's win was stolen by Illyria. Doesn't she realize he needed that one? Right. Illyria actually looked insulted that the kid is "leaking". Now Spike's handing the kid away...

Hey. Not fair, I want more...
I'm not thrilled to see Franco back on art; he's great with demons and stuff, but for example, in the third panel on page three, Spike's head looks downright bad.

The writing, though? Just as brilliant as expected. As I've said before, Brian instinctually gets Spike better than anyone except for Joss himself, and it will be an absolute joy to have an entire four issues devoted to him. (I know, I know, Brian also did Asylum and Shadow Puppets, but I haven't gotten around to those yet.)
Shadow Puppets is a hoot, UnpluggedCrazy.
Beautiful artwork, and I agree that Brian has an impressive knack for capturing Spike's voice and attitude. I'm looking forward to this.

My only lament is that seeing Urru's art here reminds me of how sorely he is missed on Angel: After The Fall. :(

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I should have said this in my earlier post but I have to agree with those that are loving Urru's style of art. I do appreciate the argument that he doesn't always get exact facial likenesses of the actors in question and I can see how that would be annoying if it matters to you but it's not such a big deal, as far as I'm concerned. As long as Spike looks like Spike I'm not really fussed if he looks exactly like James Marsters, if you see what I mean?

It's sort of the opposite of how an actor doesn't have to look exactly like a comic book character to play him in a movie. On paper, Hugh Jackman was physically an awful choice to play Wolverine and yet on screen it completely worked. As long as the true essence of the character is there then I can work around physical differences. Brian does such a fantastic job of creating the essence of Spike's personality that I don't need an exact duplication of James' face to make it work for me so that minor detail doesn't get in the way of me enjoying Urru's gorgeous style of artwork.
I think Spike's face in the story works okay. The face on the cover does not work for me at all. I'll deal. If that is the worst thing that I can say about this comic, I'm happy. Since I liked what I have seen so far, I'm anticipating happy.
I'm thrilled with this opening: love to see Urru back and love how Brian writes both Spike and Illyria! Illyria is totally like a hurricane here, above it all, first giving friendly advice to a demon gang and then repeating the same advice to Spike, hee. And the thing that this kid is fat and ugly and peed on himself somehow made it more real, you could feel the misery of everyone there, Spike included.
Also love how it both shouts out to other Spike comics openings by Brian, and parallels opening of Angel:ATF, with Angel starting in a similar situation.

Also - lookie who is in there! Brag-brag-brag, and thank you Brian! :):)
Does anyone know why Joss' name does not appear on the cover with Lynch and Urru? Is he not executive producing the Spike ATF mini-arc?
Just want to add to the Franco love. I adore his art, both in how he captures character as well as movement. I think Franco's Illyria is fantasic, he really gets across her power and grace. And Brian's writing, of course, is wonderful. Can't wait for the first issue!

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