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"Is there a Geppetto in the house?"
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July 12 2008

"Nathan will sing your scrotum off, Poi-Dog!" Fun interview with the Joss on the weekend edition of Gawker.

Er, that's about it!

I like interviews that don't take themself seriously. This was fun.
So is it QMX who distributes that life-size Sean Maher? And do they kick in a Spirit Animal too?
That "powerful woman in movies" question came awful close...

Also, sounds like Joss is not a fan of the Save The Dollhouse campaign...personally, I don't blame him. Its about time the mainstream saw the truth and embraced the Jossy goodness.
This was one of the funniest interviews ever, starting with the headline.
That was a very good interview. It is great when an interviewer really gets Joss and plays off that. I'm so glad they asked the Dollhouse question. Maybe that will make those folks go away now. In shame.
Silliest interview I ever read, and maybe the best. Silliest. Sillibest.

Where does he come up with these quotable quotes, like Poi-Dog?!
TamaraC, presumably you're not holding your breath, however.
Where does he come up with these quotable quotes, like Poi-Dog?!

I think he may have small alien people in his head. This happens, the cinema told me.

Man, Ebaio made me piss (not actually. Well, maybe a little bit).

Very funny interview and also insightful. I'm now going to check out both the middle and the end episodes of 'The Odd Couple' just as soon as I can, in any way, be bothered to do so.

He's right about Monkey too *blows on fingers, flies off*.

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No, I'm not holding my breath because I have factored in the "attention-whore" component of the problem.
Ok, that was a riot.

Am I the only one who replaced "Marni Nixon" with "Marti Noxon" first time through?
Nope, in fact, until you posted that melanie i'd assumed that was a typo and they meant Marti Noxon (thought it was a joke about her "Parking Meter" bit on OMWF). Google showed me the error of my ways ;).

I have a life-sized Sean Maher made of human flesh that keeps screaming that it's the real Sean Maher and I should unchain it. Amazing technology!

I think I might be stealing that one from Joss. I am sorry.

But it's interesting to know that this has been where Sean Maher disappeared to.

[ edited by Donnie on 2008-07-12 22:11 ]
Wow! You learn something new everyday. I also thought the Marni Nixon reference was a typo.
Can I have a life size Sean Maher too?
I always knew that Marni Nixon dubbed the singing voice for 'My Fair Lady' and 'West Side Story', but I didn't realize how many other times she did uncredited singing! See what good Joss does in the world? Shining the spotlight on all kinds of injustices!
Ok, there's a tag left open somewhere, but I have no idea what it might be.

ETA that I believe Donnie's use of


has something to do with it.

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Hehehe, when I first saw Marti's credit, I thought 'How nice that Marni Nixon has moved on to a second career as a writer!'.
Oh man, Gawker and Joss. Two great tastes that taste great together.
Flashes of brilliance, indeed. EBaio was fried gold! Still, better questions could have been on tap. Can't anyone challenge the man (I don't mean in the white glove slap-across-the-face way, I mean offer challenging and interesting questions)?

And didn't Marni even dub Julie Andrews for something or other? No wait - Julie Andrews was supposed to play Eliza Dolittle, as she did on the stage, but instead they gave it to Hepburn. That was it.
What questions would you ask, Willowy, that would fit into this type of light and easy promotional interview?
That interview - and Joss & Ian Spiegelman - is built entirely of 99% awesome (and 1% poly-cotton blend.) From serious to tactful to flippant on a dime - like Joss. Ian gets my mad props for his questions, and Joss, as always, my undying affection for his answers.

"Movies are from the Devil. Also, it's only recently women got to be action heroes on TV. Progress is slow, and often non-existent. There's plenty of cool comics with female characters... But all it takes is one Catwoman to set the cause back a decade."

And who among us did not love this?:

"But I know that people who grow up identifying with outsiders are the people I are. Plus singing is the universal language, along with being on fire."

I was supposed to be doing actual work (hardy de har har har) today, but now I think I might have to go blerg about all the great Doc Horrible press, 'cause that's just got Potent Quotables coming out the wazoo. (I have one of those, but not, at the moment, a scrotum.)
Poi Dog's greatest- Jack-Ass Ginger. Though Complicated comes close.
I would think that Joss has been asked every serious question there is to ask (there are many times I'm glad I ain't him b/c repetition, as we saw in his Equality Now speech, could tend to drive a person batshit crazy), so my opinion is now, "bring on the silly," accompanied by an ear-splitting Mary Murphy, "Joss is on the HOT TAMALE TRAIN" scream and laughter [/So You Think You Can Dance Reference].

ETA: For those who have not Experienced It

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Fixed donnie's div.
I like that the Future on Fox blog has picked up the bit about the cheap seats.
You know Ron Moore sits in front of the mirror, stroking his shiny mane, just wishing it were strawberry blonde.
It does seem that people who know little about Dollhouse have heard of the "save Dollhouse" effort. It can be a little embarrassing. I sympathise with them though.

[ edited by Lioness on 2008-07-13 01:49 ]
Admiral Ackbar, loser.

As a recovering Star Wars fan, this made me very pleased.
I stumbled upon a potential promotional tie-in: Captain Hammer's Beer of Choice.

Longhammer IPA. For ladies who love their Hammers loooooong.

[ edited by BrewBunny on 2008-07-13 01:16 ]
Oh, my dear and fluffy lord. This was genius.
:: Waits impatiently for the inevitable "Get Hammered" T-Shirts ::
This was a really fun interview. Glad, that it brought up Equality Now, after all, well, as the man himself said it once, "equality is like gravity".
You know, I try to keep up as much as I can on Joss, but I haven't seen these asked or answered. Just a couple, maybe for folks that aren't regulars on the Dollhouse site:

How much directing do you intend to do on Dollhouse, and how will your approach differ from what you've done previously? Do you see this as an unmined field in terms of storytelling, or should we expect Westworld Stepford, Joss's way? Are you expecting "Measure of A Man" (referencing ST:TNG when Data's 'human' rights were on trial)- type situations?

Share with us a writery day in BtVs: Season 8. You've spoken about the ease with which the transition was made to the comic format, the grandeur that can be shown with zero budget worries, but I'm interested in hearing more about the slippers and bathrobe vs. a day at the office as it pertains to your process. I'm sure there's much of both, but is it more collaborative, or more isolating than your experience on Buffy was, and which do you ultimately prefer?

I love jokey Joss (no, I mean REALLY), but when I go looking for deeper skinny, sometimes I find it frustrating. Speculation is everywhere, word from the Man can be scarce.
Willowy, would those questions work as lighthearted promotion for Dr. Horrible? Or would the Dollhouse question be better when promotion for Dollhouse is at it's hilt next winter? It is a good question, but this is the wrong timing.

The second question would be great for the questions in the back of an issue of Buffy Season 8 and could possibly get the attention it deserves, but I think I lot less people want to actually know about writing process than want Joss to be funny.
I gotta say: No matter how much I try to ignore this thread, the title keeps grabbing my attention. Possibly due to the cringing and twinging in psychosomatic pain...
I love hearing him talk about the writing process.
"A. I have a life-sized Sean Maher made of human flesh that keeps screaming that it's the real Sean Maher and I should unchain it. Amazing technology!"

I've been wondering what happened to Sean Maher!
Me would love some talk about writing process in general too. Onto Season 8 specifically, I find that the writing process of comic compared to the tv series would be fine topic for him to cover in a foreword or afterword text, if Dark Horse end up doing a big Hardcover Collection for the season.
Yes, TamaraC, thanks for your dissection. These were things I want to know. Things I would've asked if I had Joss sitting across from me, and things I don't know the answers to, and only he can answer. Sorry if they weren't all 'up to the moment'.

Why don't you share what you'd ask him? Excluding of course, the monkey question, because that's been done to everyone's satisfaction, I'd wager.
Willowy those questions about 'Dollhouse' would be perfect for the Dollhouse panel at Comic Con, and I hope someone will ask them for you!
Like I said, Willowy those are very good questions that I would like to hear the answers to as well, but I thought the interviewer at Gawker did a fabulous job for this little promotional interview for Dr. Horrible. He understood Joss, asked intelligent and witty questions which elicited intelligent and witty answers. If all interviewers were this good with Joss, I couldn't dream of asking for more.

You seemed to be upset with the interviewer, so I was trying to determine what you would do differently and still serve the same tone and purpose. Your response served an entirely different tone and purpose no matter how intelligent and legitimate.
I've got a Dr. Horrible question.

When the Evil League of Evil have their meetings, do they just talk about evil plans or do they sometimes act out Shakespeare plays and can you film that for us?
I sympathise with them though.

I have sympathy for the fact that they don't know (1) what's going on, (2) who is at Fox and who isn't and how that plays into the matter, or (3) how misguided and unfortunate they look.
You know Ron Moore sits in front of the mirror, stroking his shiny mane, just wishing it were strawberry blonde.
Ron Moore
Barry Gibb

Just sayin'.
I get what you're saying TamaraG, specific to Dr. Horrible, and like I mentioned, I got a huge happy from the EBaio snark. I don't have any questions pertaining to DH yet.

I wasn't upset at the interviewer, I just get twirked when there are so many other burning questions that beg answers, and I see opportunity just skate by, repeatedly (like some of the groaners at the Paleyfest).

I mean, he wouldn't have answered a single question on another of his projects? Something with a little meat? It isn't like he's available every day for interviews. Even if he rebuffed the questions, I probably would've asked them anyway, in favor of one or two of those actually asked. Just sayin.

And Ron Moore doesn't look like Barry Gibb, he looks exactly like a younger George Lucas, who also had great hair in the day.
...a younger George Lucas, who also had great hair in the day.

So you're saying his artistic strength was in his hair?
Much like Sampson...
His wife isn't called Delilah, is she? I know she goes by MrsRonMoore - what 's she trying to hide?

[ edited by Willowy on 2008-07-13 03:58 ]
So are you saying Captain Hammer's hair is based off of Ron Moore's?

[ edited by crazygolfa on 2008-07-13 03:55 ]
I have a life-sized Sean Maher made of human flesh that keeps screaming that it's the real Sean Maher and I should unchain it. Amazing technology!

Funny, my Sean Maher also asks to be unchained. Hmmm, may have come from the same life-sized Sean Maher batch, plus it's not Sean, it's really Nathan, and he's not really chained up, just locked in the basement. What?

[ edited by Jossaholic on 2008-07-13 07:07 ]
I just think there is a time and place, Willowy. The only single bright spot in the questions asked at the PaleyFest is that no idiot asked if there was going to be a Serenity 2. A time and a place.

My sympathies are pretty much aligned with bix's.

[ edited by TamaraC on 2008-07-13 04:10 ]

[ edited by TamaraC on 2008-07-13 05:08 ]
And who's the arbiter of that (time and place)? Maybe Joss. So, like I said, I'd ask him, and if he didn't want to answer, it wouldn't go.

I do know that I wouldn't have asked him about Serenity 2. You can rest easy.
Tamara, please don't diss other people and sites in those terms, please. And I think this particular discussion between you two, if it needs to be continued, can be taken to e-mail. Thanks.
My apologies, SNT and I think the discussion was more than done anyway. I'll edit my comment.
Can I use the word "Wheadonian" in casual conversation?
And Ron Moore doesn't look like Barry Gibb, he looks exactly like a younger George Lucas, who also had great hair in the day.

Ohmigod! Willowy, you totally stole that from me! Not that it's not still correct. So carry on.

I'd say "Jack-Ass Ginger" is the the best of Poi Dog Pondering.
Can I use the word "Wheadonian" in casual conversation?

That depends. What's a "Wheadon"?
A "Wheadon" is a mistake in spelling.

ETA: What's unnecessary meanness?

[ edited by dreamlogic on 2008-07-13 10:06 ]
I thought What was on second ?
It was snark, not meanness.
I'm sure this isn't going to mean a damn to anyone but me, but it tweaked my curiosity. "Poi dog" in Hawaii means a mixed breed so far removed from any pedigreed origin that it's lineage is impossible to determine. Calling someone a poi dog is kind of an insult, but in a light hearted, not at all serious way.

So I'm wondering if Joss has ever even heard of the band Poi Dog Pondering, or if he was just having a little fun. I've always wondered if there's a connection there, because although the name Kai has become more common in recent years, it used to be very unusual outside my state. It means "sea", so specifically that there is another Hawaiian word for "ocean" (moana).
My mind is a strange place. ;-) .
Kai is also a German name, though a boy's one. What does it all mean?
I think this is the first time I've seen the questions be as random as the answers. Takeaway message: saving Sean Maher is higher priority than saving Dollhouse at the moment.
Saving Sean Maher is higher priority than saving Dollhouse at the moment.

Heh. Now I'm imagining a small band of Whedonites all dressed in black trying to explain to the cops that bust us for breaking and entering that we were just trying to save Sean Maher...

PS I'm in.
I want a Sean Maher doll. Possibly so I could cuddle-smother him to death. ;)
Kai is also a German name, though a boy's one. What does it all mean?
dreamlogic | July 13, 18:58 CET

Ah, that would explain Kai Owen's name (Rhys on Torchwood). And here I was thinking that the lingo of my adopted island home had spread across the globe. ;-)
Who says whedonesque isn't educational?
Actually, 'Kai' is a Welsh male's name too, it means "keeper of keys" (apparently ;).

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