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July 12 2008

Felicia Day talks Dr. Horrible. She tells UberSciFiGeek that Joss' idea for a supervillain musical "was the coolest idea I'd ever heard".

An excellent interview -- had it been mentioned previously that the stars (literally) aligned on the strike line?
"[T]he wounded type"? Yeah, I can definitely see Felicia as the kind of girl who goes for the fixer-upper kind of guy. ;)
I'm trying to think of something more substantial than "Felicia Day is so nice."

Felicia Day is so sweet.
Felicia Day for pope!
Dr. Horrible's front page has been updated. Is there a countdown to H-Hour? Cuz I want to be there when the interweb crashes under the weight of world wide wonder.

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Always nice to read Felicia's interviews.
JadeHand found a sked.

Ah, 3:01 am Eastern Standard Time. Been a while since I've seen you, dark lady of the the night.
Well they're "Assuming that the time of 12:01am PSD is the correct launch hour" (emphasis added) so I guess we still don't know for sure. Either way, that's tonight! Kind of hard to believe it's almost here already.
I read that it was supposed to be like the early days of television, pre-VCR & TiVo, when you had to tune in at a certain time to see a program, but apparently this is like the very early days of television, when you had to tune in without knowing whether there'd be a program. The air of mystery thickens.

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3 AM EDT? No one break the internet before I get up the next morning, please. Pointy you're seriously staying up?
Until they announce that they intended all along to start it at 9:00 am. Hopefully that time will come before 9:00 am.
That works about to 8 AM in the UK and 9 AM in much of Western Europe? I suppose fair's fair for all the years of U.S. airtimes and airdates for JossTV. Still, I resent you all a tiny, tiny bit.

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Yay! Something to look forward to today... or tomorrow.

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